This Is Your Host For The 2010 Spike Video Game Awards

Last year's installment of Spike's Video Game Awards didn't have a specific host. That's OK, because this year's are being hosted by a man with enough talent for two award shows.

Whether you call him Doogie Howser, Dr Horrible, Barney Stinson, Spider-Man, or Carl Jenkins, I'll just stick to calling Neil Patrick Harris by his given name: The Man. Following in the footsteps of Jack Black, Samuel L. Jackson, and Snoop Dog, Harris is stepping up to the podium this weekend to help Spike celebrate the year's best video games, and he won't be alone.

Fans can expect guest appearances by Danny Devito, Kaitlin Olson, and Rob McElhenney of It's Always Sunny In Philadephia; director Guillermo Del Toro; Firefly's Nathan Fillion; Chris Hemsworth, star of Thor, and many more. Tony Hawk will even be there, perhaps apologizing profusely for the last two titles in his skateboarding game series.

All of that, plus a performance from My Chemical Romance. Hooray My Chemical Romance.

I'll already set my DVR to record the show, since I will completely forget it exists come this weekend. I'll stumble across it sometime next week and will fast forward through the parts without Neil Patrick Harris in them.


    He's so dreamy.

    'All of that, plus a performance from My Chemical Romance. Hooray My Chemical Romance.'

    God i seriously hope that was sarcasm...

    Pretty awesome that NPH is hosting though... epic indeed!

      Should have gone with Daft Punk instead.

      When I read "My Chemical Romance" I thought 'Kids choice awards'... then I threw up a little.

      Quite possibly the only thing you've said I didn't like/find hilarious Loopmeister.
      Sad face.
      MCR are a talented group, if people go beyond the perception of emo and actually listen to more than the songs on the radio (well the ones that USED to be on the radio), you'll find something there.
      I used to think the same though.
      They're like Nickelback. People love to hate them, but those people usually haven't heard all the songs on all their albums (fair enough) and have missed out on some talent.

    Neil Patrick Harris AND Nathan Fillion?!?

    Words cannot describe...

      Sooooo happy.
      Dr Horrible was amazing.
      Those two click.

    When I first read that last line I thought you'd said "fast forward through the parts WITH Neil patrick Harris." I was starting to think I had to stop coming to the site.

    But it's all ok now, I reread it and all is right with the world again. :)

    How do we watch this in Australia?

    Neil Partick Harris! SWOON!

    What channel is it on in Australia?

      it's on chBT


    My Criminal Bromance.....
    Its such a good news bad news story....

    Mike: It's Snoop DOGG.

    Yes, he sucks at spelling, but he's good at what he does for a living.

    Look at all the imitators with poor spelling to go with rapping (that's below Dogg's ability): Ludacris [Ludicrous], Xzibit [Exhibit] Soulja [Soldier] Boy, Cunninlynguists [Cunning Linguists], Beelow [Below], Da Bush Babees [The Bush Babies], Chali 2na [Charlie Tuna] and others.

    (Eminem [M and M] and Ice-T [Ice Tea] are exempt for having actual talent.)

    that is AWESOME

    cyberweb hi five

    shame we cant view it in Oz...

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