Time Magazine Choose Their Top Ten Games Of 2010

Time Magazine just released their Top 10 games of 2010. Generally we don't take issue with subjective lists, but it seems like they've got all the right games, but in the wrong order!

You'd probably never in a million years guess what they chose as their game of the year, or what they chose as number two. But outside of those two strange choices, we kinda agree everything else on the list - just not the order. In that respect it's a strange one, and well worth reading.

We won't spoil it for you - you might as well click through the entire list, which you can find here.


    I never played Alan Wake, so I wouldn't know. Angry Birds does belong up there somewhere though. However I don't agree with the ordering of their top 10.

    I absolutely disagree with Super Street Fighter IV being in the top 10, that was a mistake.

    i'm not too disappointed with that choice (you didn't name it so i won't either).

    it was probably the most enjoyable single player game i played this year. I really enjoyed it and was pulled into the story, which doesn't happen too often.

    'best' is very subjective anyway, if you are taking into account multiplayer, or length of game then, no, it should not win... but on a minute for minute single player fun basis, i would put it right up there

      I think that's a problem with most of these lists, people look for things like multiplayer and all sorts of extra bits.

      But really, Single-player should be where the meat of the game is and what it is judged on most.

      Which is pretty much completely at odds with where the industry is headed. *sigh*

    Yep, definitely the wrong order.

    Pffft, number one. What a joke. Such an overrated game. I think pompous is the most fitting adjective of this game. A badly written, nonsensical, repetitive, pompous game. As soon as the end credits rolled I was happy to turn the thing off and be done with it.

      Judging from the press and general feedback i've seen regarding this game, its actually incredibly underrated rather than the opposite.

      The writing was superb and mirrored a lot of excellent books that deal with similar topics and it being nonsensical all depends on whether you pay attention, can handle not being spoonfed plot points and can handle a bit of ambiguity.

      Also, I'm curious as to what makes it pompous?

        Oh I paid plenty of attention, and I get the story they gave me. What I think is nonsensical is the way characters react to events as they unfold, and the way that they unfold. It all was too far from any sense of a reality, and gave me little reason to believe or care for these people. I mean seriously, getting drunk on the moonshine? Fighting... tornadoes - such a careless conclusion.

        I dunno, to each his own though!

    Under the #1 listing, they name it as "one of the best games of the year".

    One of...? But they've put it at #1... they... what... one of... *headsplode*

    Have to agree with you in that I disagree with their ordering. Number 1 is very subjective, I don't think it belongs on the list at all, but that's just me. I think most will agree it doesn't deserve to be number 1. The other odd one, well if you're going to include that why not include stuff like Farmville? Plenty of people play that and find it addictive, doesn't mean its a good game.

    Their #1 is a better choice than their Person of the Year!

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah... That number 1 is an odd damn choice.


    They should stick to the articles on Zuckerberg.

    "..Protoss (alien psionic bugs)..."


    Totally agree with number 1. I'm honestly surprised more people weren't talking about it for GOTY.

    wtf Mass Effect 2 at number 10? If ME2 didn't get #1,I'm glad Alan Wake did. Thought that game was very underated and had the best atmosphere from any game this year. Also absence of Bayonetta is mean

    Have to agree with Blackwater and garnet. I loved alan wake and was glad to see a certain other game *cough*rdr*cough* didn't get no. 1.

    I think we're all overlooking the fact that Black Ops wasn't in the top 10. THANK GOD!

    I'm so glad they didn't put Black Ops up there.

    Yea: Black Ops not in top 10. Dodged a bullet there.

    Nay: Angry Birds at #2. I still can't believe this game's still up there.

    No PS3 exclusive games in the list, and all multi platform games wear the Xbox logo. Interesting.

      Its obvious that microsoft and the saucer people, in association with the reverse vampires, have joined forces to control Time Magazine's top ten games list.

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