Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Was A Long, Long Time Ago


    I don't think Tony Hawk personally is the problem. It's the fact that that Activision got greedy and milked the series before evolving it beyond it's original gameplay. I wouldnt go as far as comparing him to MJ.

    That quote could also describe "the macarana" but nobody's interested in that anymore either.

    Well, I'm not sure he's comparable to Jordan but that doesn't matter - at least he's not a cocky and arrogant SoB like Jordan.

    I'd buy a game with Hawk's name on it before Jordan's.

    There's a new Tony Hawk game out? I didn't even know this "Shred" existed, that's how relevant the games are.

    I'm pretty sure Michael Jordan did Space Jam too. I'm not sure this is the best comparison. Tony Hawk is now, really looking his age, I'm not sure he's at all relevant anymore.

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