Top Final Fantasy XIV Makers Booted In Wake Of Crappy Game

Online game Final Fantasy XIV is a bit of a mess. Critics aren't thrilled, players aren't thrilled. Heck, even Square Enix isn't thrilled. Know what that means? Heads will roll. And they have.

Director Nobuaki Komoto and producer Hiromichi Tanaka are being taken off the game and replaced by Naoki Yoshida. In an official statement, Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada describes Yoshida as "a passionate individual for whom customer satisfaction has always taken top priority".

Besides Yoshida, several "hand-picked" developers will join the existing team.

Previously, Wada came out and said Final Fantasy XIV "isn't satisfactory", and Square Enix is trying to fix the game.

In a statement issued today, Wada adds, "While more than two months have passed since the official launch of Final Fantasy XIV service, we deeply regret that the game has yet to achieve the level of enjoyability that Final Fantasy fans have come to expect from the franchise, and for this we offer our sincerest of apologies."

Square Enix is asking players to be patient until a concrete plan explaining the game's new direction. Until that time, the game's free trial period will be extended.

It's not only the PC version of the game that is experiencing troubles. The PS3 version, slated for release in March 2011, is being delayed.

"Regarding the PlayStation 3, it is not our wish to release a simple conversion of the Windows version in its current state, but rather an update that includes all the improvements we have planned," says Wada. "For that reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of the PlayStation 3 version beyond the originally announced date of March 2011."

For a game as big as this, for a franchise as big as this, everything seems to have spun out of control. Square Enix is making tough decisions and taking action. It's now a matter of cleaning up the mess — and whether or not players are willing to wait.

FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone [The Lodestone]


    Final Fantasy used to be this game, it was turn based and all about classic RPG goodness with some of the best strategy based boss encounters.

    It was never bout story for us Westerners, and a TRUE FF fan will tell you the system in 8, was far more diverse, customisable, and exciting then anything they've offered since.
    You want four hasted up knights and no heals? COOL!
    Now hunt a TREX!

    Then, they went from that cool company that had dodged death, to an uppity egocentric ass.
    Your story lines SUCK Square, ENIX just made you worse! And by trying to cater to people who DONT ACTUALLY WANNA PLAY AN RPG by 'streamlining' combat etc..

    Theres a reason why your CGI gets better and overall design is lacking.

    The fact your MMO is now a sloppy great terd, is not surprising, as it sound like more of a circle jerk over at Square.

      Define RPG?

      I love RPG's, but I play them for a good story...
      If the game mechanics are shit though, there's no point being there.

      I have no interest in investing forty to several hundred hours in a game where the most common element (combat) is an absolute pain to use.

      Streamlining is fine, ME2 was great - Fable 3 less so.

      Also, just because it's turn based doesn't make it good. KOTOR one and two were excellent, and turn based, but their strength was that the mechanisms were hidden (largely)... the world has moved on. Yes, Square Enix are now making games that are not pleasing their old market, but they're reaching for a new one.

      I have hopes for Versus-XIII.

      I loved FF8 because of the political intrigue and the war between the Gardens. There's no way the classic FF's were only popular because of the battle systems, I found many JRPG's of that era outclass FF in that field. The recent SE offerings are woeful but FF13's battle system did show promise.

      There's no reason for Versus XIII to fail from anything but company failings. Everything is there to be awesome, not just graphics. But it holds more expectations than FF13 ever did, so I'm bracing for disappointment too.

    Sergei, I agree whole heartedly, my eyes wetted over and cried the first time I finished FF8, I was so invested in those characters.

    If you know the history too, it was the first time they had tried to make a grittier more realistic approach, telling us all that they werent constrained by cutesy 2d sprites..

    And it made a difference, a big one.It was superior to seven in so many ways people never cared about, and whom had not played another of the games in the FF series.

    So what happened? 9 was a cutesy knee jerk due to sales of 8 and criticisms, and the combat systems from this point steadily bastardised.

    James Mac: we werent talking about RPGs, were talking about FF,the evolution of THAT combat system, and in my opinion, its been a horrible one.

    Combat in 8 was varied.. and did not have you fighting the same way for forty hours..

    Theyve slowly lost touch with their core base.. thats why their losing out.

    Also.. Unlimited Saga.. yet another piece of evidence that Square Enix was a bad idea.

    I would love for them to become the company they once were,but then maybe they should have given us that remake of 7 and 8 instead of trying to break into Hollywood.
    Sorry, this company needs to pull their heads out of their asses. Their sailing on good will alone now.

    I don't know about anyone else but I don't play Final Fantasy MMOs because I just have to move onto the next one when they inevitably make one.

    At least they are openly saying they know its shit and are trying to fix it. Unlike some companys that think their poo is golden despite the entire communities opinion.

    Personally, I think the only game that currently stands a chance to compete is Guild Wars 2, and only because it already has its following. FFXIV screwed up big time. The big problem all those competitors that came over the years have always had was the need to beat WOW and whip it preferably by offering exactly the same kind of experience, with not nearly as many background, history, and community... so why pay/play themThe other problem is in the people, WOW is suffering known as at its size you may think attracts everyone, and also tries to please everyone, which is not possible when one step in your player base wants the 1 epic a month after spending ten hours each week in Molten Core links, another part of your player base really wants to fill purpz loot checklists, and yet another really wants to pwn noobs in pvp for whatever reason. Still, if there's still 10 thousand people playing it, we can only we don't the forum "community" or whatever approximation that still exists will be an vocal minority, or seriously addicted. Or using the game being a paid chat channel to cover friends they haven't actually can be used since 2009.

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