Two-Thirds of MA15+ Games Are Rated Adults Only Overseas

Brendan O’ Connor is petitioning hard for an R18+ rating for video games. Yesterday he released the final report from the public consultation, stating that 98.4 of people were in support of an adult rating, and today he sent out a report revealing that two-thirds of MA15+ games in Australia are rated for ‘adults only’ in comparitive countries overseas.

“The Gillard Government wants to give better guidance to parents and remove unsuitable material from children and teenagers, claimed O’ Connor. “A new R18+ classification will help achieve that.

“Right now there are dozens of games that are classified as MA15+ in Australia,” he continued, “but in other countries these gaming titles are restricted to adults only. If a new adult only category were introduced, it could result in computer games that are currently classified MA15+ being reclassified R18+, providing a new level of protection for children.”

“The Classification Board has been doing its job professionally and appropriately, applying the rules as they stand when making decisions on computer game ratings,” Mr O’Connor said.

“An R18+ rating for computer games and associated changes to the MA15+ category would reduce minors’ exposure to images of gratuitous sex, violence or other adult themes.”

The report released, can be found here, but a brief comparison of 47 MA15+ rated games showed that…

– Nine game titles were given a 17+ or 18+ classification in all other countries
– 15 game titles were given a 17+ or 18+ classification in the majority of other countries
– Eight game titles were initially refused classification in Australia, before being reviewed or resubmitted and classified MA15+. In their original form, these games titles received a 17+ or 18+ classification in other countries
– 15 game titles were largely consistent with international equivalents of MA15+.

Again, this is a great sign for the SCAG meeting tomorrow. Time and time again Brendan O’ Connor has stated his support for R18+, and the vigour with which he is pushing that agenda seems to support the fact that we could get the right result tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

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