US No Longer The World's Top Zombie-Killing Nation

The downloadable PlayStation 3 game Dead Nation tracks every PlayStation-enabled nation's statistics for the feat of slaying virtual zombies. The US now trails Finland somehow despite killing many more zombies. Can you guess which country the game's developers live in?

The video I captured from my PlayStation 3 this morning shows the new rankings. I last checked the rankings 19 days ago. Back then, Dead Nation wasn't even officially out in Europe. Now it is, and now I see the US killing some 246 million zombies to Finland's 15 million.

What gives? The head of Housemarque, the team that developed this fun game (I liked it), says all will be explained in an upcoming post on the PlayStation blog. For now, he can tell us that a system is being used that prevents big countries from having an unfair advantage.

What could the real system be? Man, America never gets to win at anything!


    Without looking at the numbers too deeply, I would guess zombies killed per recruit.

    Surely it's a "Per Capita" thing. More people in the US, therefore you have to kill alot more zombies than somewhere like Finland.

    USA pop - 310,951,000
    Finland pop - 5,374,781

      Yeah thats exactly what my thoughts are. Otherwise it would be an unfair advantageto countries like America

    Finland takes to zombie killing as they do their motorsport apparently.

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