Uncharted 3 Is Due Out Nov. 1, 2011

Uncharted 3 opens with Nathan Drake once again facing deadly circumstances, perhaps not as imminent as a train hanging from a cliff. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception arrives Nov. 1, 2011. This premiere is entirely in-engine, says studio Naughty Dog.


    Absolutely, positively, cannot wait. Those are some very awesome visuals, and I cannot wait to see what this 'plane sequence' will be.

    Can't wait!

    We have to go back Drake. We have to go back!

      A somewhat puzzling LOST reference inclusion, seeing as there aren't any jungles or islands to speak of...

    Looking at the plane crash, makes me wonder what kind of awesome level Naughty Dog can turn that into like they did with the train in Uncharted 2.

    I heard wumpa fruit collecting when the Naughty Dog logo came up. Oh man that was awesome :P ...oh and the trailer too of course! I freaking LOVE Uncharted!

    "Entirely in engine". Yeah. Done in the engine running on a much more powerful computer, then post processing effects are added, and then its turned into a video format to fool fanboys into believing its the real graphics. But regardless this shit's awesome.

      I assume you have a link to the source that you're basing those allegations upon?

    Ahh bloody american dates, I was super excited thinking it was out in less than a month...

    It's pretty clear that all things entertainment will be aiming for an "11" type reference with release dates. Music, Games or Movies.

    I guess i'm complaining cause I want this, hmm, NOW?!

    I hope it's awesome, its just that after Uncharted 2 it really has HIGH hopes. Great to know it's not gonna take some sick twisted turn and go all depressing and serious - Sully will surely keep the gags running. But something seems off about Drakes face to me...

    And of corse Drake will survive a Plane Crash - its the the Transformers of Video games with the over the top action stunts.

      The "11" reference annoys me because the damn Americans write their dates wrong. I'd much prefer releases to have the month written in English.

    I'm starting to think Drake can survive bloody anything. Hopefully this is yet another awesome addition to the franchise.

    Phew, almost thought it was the same day as Skyrim. BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE MY MONEY IS GOING not that I have anything against Uncharted at all, but y'know... five years between proper entries, compared to 2? I know which one I'm more hyped for!

      Meh. While Elder Scrolls V is a day 1 purchase for me, that's day 1 of the GOTY edition including all the inevitable DLC and some of the bugfixes that should have been in there from launch :P

        Mines a day 1 purchase when it finally gets some Xbox 360 graphics going on, which will probably be next gen.

    This photo... awesome!


    I can't wait for this game. But I am wondering if Drake was on that plane, because he isn't looking that banged up.

    But then it's Uncharted, so he'll almost die, but escape in some impressive way.

    The proof is in this Uncharted 2 video.

    Notice how the head of naughty dog uses the words "Pre rendered cutscenes" The cut scenes are rendered in the engine, then made into fmv files. Alan wake also claimed that the cut scenes were "in-engine". This may be true. But they run the engine on a beastly pc, with higher resolution models, add special effects and motion capture etc, then turn it into a video. That's why Uncharted takes up an entire Blu Ray. It's a trick, but it works. With that to say the REAL in engine graphics are still a cut above almost anything else.=)

    Awesome news. Can't wait for my PS3 to get some action again :D

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