Use A Mouse And Keyboard On Your Xbox 360

While most Xbox 360 games make using a control pad enjoyable, there are still a lot of people who prefer using a mouse and keyboard, especially on shooters. This peripheral lets you combine

The XIM series of controller adapters for the Xbox 360 have been around for a while now, but they've been tricky to use and expensive. The new XIM3, however, seems to have a fix for both those problems.

For one, while previous models were a little... ghetto, the XIM3 is housed in a classy LCD box with touch-screen display, which hopefully makes connection and configuration a cinch.

It'll also be cheaper than the last version, which came in at $US200, because it no longer needs to use specific forms of wired controller to connect to the Xbox 360.

The XIM3 works by acting as a "translator" or "bridge" between your Xbox 360 and PC peripherals. You plug your PC's keyboard and mouse into the XIM3, then plug it into the Xbox 360, and it's good to go.

It of course won't appeal to everybody, especially since so many big shooters get their own PC versions anyway, but if you want to play something like Halo Reach with some more precise controls, this looks like a good way to do it.



    It will be interesting to see if they've fixed the mouse control issues of the earlier versions. If they have then this could turn out to be a must buy for shooter fanatics.

      Console manufacturers could probably convert allot more people if they just included mouse and keyboard support as standard.

        and in the process ruin it for everyone who doesn't feel like cheating. there is no point in playing if some people have a game changing unfair advantage. everyone knows m+k is better than controller. who cares... all i want is a level playing field and on console that IS a controller. there is no argument here so don't bother

        please don't post this shit kotaku. do you want to actually hurt the gaming industry by advertising how to cheat.

        common sense aint that common anymore

          Couldn't agree more.

          The reason Microsoft canned cross platform gaming (xbox to PC) was because M+K are much more precise than a controller.

          If everyone is playing on a controller then it's even and just comes down to skill, if I wanted to play with a mouse and keyboard I'd get a PC.

            You couldn't be more wrong.
            Cross platform has never been possible because the maps environment is very different in nearly all mp games and also the number of players on a map ie battlefield.

            Nothing at all to do with controllers v m/k

            Consoles just can't offer what a pc does.

    lol cheating? I also wish they would have M+K support, I would actually use my 360 for something other than a dust collector/paper weight then.

    Multiplayer isn't everything. Hell, I could care less about most online gameplay. So you've remade Tribes and UT for the 9001st time. Greaaaat job.

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