VGAs' Overall Television Ratings Slide For Fourth Straight Year

The Video Game Awards are a high-profile event, but trade mainstream exposure for a production some gamers find cheaply stereotypical. That bargain still hasn't conclusively paid off; overall ratings declined for a third straight year, but gained in some demographics.

Variety reports that Saturday's production delivered 627,000 viewers to Spike, a 3 per cent drop from last year. While Nielsen will consider DVR playbacks through December 18 in the final figure, "in all, Spike's big gaming party is becoming less and less of a must see event for the industry's top fan," Variety concludes.

Hamfisted dialogue, lowest-common-denominator jokes with telegraphed punchlines, and presenters butchering video game titles would seem to redound to that.

In core advertising demographics, however, the VGAs made some impressive strides: men 18-34 showed a 15 per cent increase: adults of both genders, 18-49, were up 12 per cent and adults 18-34 were up 5 per cent.

How Did Spike's VGAs Do Ratings-Wise? [Variety via RipTen]


    It's because the VGAs are completely rubbish and the only reason to watch them would be for game trailers. but they appear on the net with minutes of the VGAs anyway.

    The fact they IP block a lot of areas as well does not help publicity, the stream i watched until it was congested had over 15,000 people in it.

    Also, their target audience is probably busy... playing games.

    the whole show just has this feeling like they don't know who their target audience is. Why not have the general public there at the awards? The awards just had so much pointless padding, and only about 4 awards were actually given out, yet they were quick to remind us that "here are some of the other awards that were given out!" yet they never showed it?

    Also, never ever have Denise Richards on the awards. She was awful.

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