Video Game Creators Invent The Darndest Finishing Moves

Kratos, star of God of War games, is apparently coming to the next Mortal Kombat as a "kombatant." What does the man behind the first God of War game think Kratos should do to finish his foes? Fuck 'em, naturally!

David Jaffe, the adult language dispensing creator behind the upcoming Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3, thinks some sweet love making, Kratos-style, might be a good fit for the God of War's appearance in Mortal Kombat. After all, Kratos is known to squeeze in some sack time with the ladies while seeking revenge against other Greek gods. So...

"Kratos would have a FUCKALITY and fuck the SHIT out of Sonya AND Katana at the same motherfucking TIME!!!!" Jaffe enthusiastically tweeted last night. "Hell, I think Kratos should reach out and pull the fucking MK classic narrator into the game and gut the fucker. Oh, or rip the head off." Seems in line with the gorier, back to basics Mortal Kombat, minus the forced sex, of course.

Mr. Jaffe has since pulled those tweets, seemingly concerned that they might show up as a "headline or some such on gaming sites tomorrow." He's so right!


    great job Kotako XD

    So you have a Kotaku guy represent the R18+ cause on Sunrise trying to portray the gaming community as mature and sensible, and then you run a story like this all over the home page?


      so instead they should selectively report the news to only tell people what would make large anti video gaming groups happy?

    Does he kiss his wife with that mouth?

      Well, technically, he wasn't speaking with his mouth he was typing with his fingers. So the correct question you should have asked was... umm.. actually, never mind.

        Indeed. And yes, let's not go there.

          He's divorced. :)

    For some reason, I don't think his comments are clever or provocative enough to promote Twisted Metal. Just comes across as gratuitous and awkward. :|

    Finally, a Fatality with button prompts!

      Post of the day goes to Dutch.

    Who says only the japanese invent rape simulators?

    David Jaffe is a legend, more people in the industry should speak their minds about their games and the industry in general.

    He has recently been on NeoGAF answered the forumers questions about the upcoming Twisted Metal.

    The only problem I have is that he felt as though he had to remove the comments to 'stop the outrage' that might happen from them, because as we know those comments were to be taken completely seriously.

    Surely this article was more "NSFW" that many of the others labeled so?

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