Video Game Plants Never Looked So Pretty

WhiteSilentTiger has a simple goal: create a good-lookin' little video game forest. I'd say it's mission accomplished!

What's most impressive about this scene isn't that it was made by a modder, it's that it was made using the "old" CryEngine 2, which powered Crysis all the way back in 2007, and not the more recent version that will be running the upcoming Crysis 3.

I don't know about you, but all I can think about watching this is playing Elder Scrolls V on my PC...


    wait, did crysis 2 come out already? i actually dont kno

      upon further inspection i have discovered that crysis 2 is not out...

        I laughed, hard

        and after using all my sleuthing skills i discovered that luke has stuffed up.

        Yeah, it's confusing, even for Kotaku it seems...

        Crysis 1: CryEngine 1
        Far Cry 2: CryEngine 2
        Crysis 2: CryEngine 3

        And I don't think CryEngine 3 will look particularly better than 1, it just will run a higher frame rate... a LOT higher probably.

          DAMN, still had it wrong...

          FarCry: CryEngine 1
          Crysis: CryEngine 2
          FarCry2:CryEngine 2
          Crysis2:CryEngine 3

            Far Cry 2 is Ubisofts' Dunia engine

    what Crysis should of looked like

    Crysis 3???

    I hope that is just a typo. If not, I Can't believe I missed the Crysis 2 launch. I mean, I have only been waiting 3 years for it..

    Oblivion should definatley run on the CryEngine. And CryEngine 3 better as hell look bloody amazing on PC, because thats the roots of the Cry games, not dirty console peseants XD.

    "all I can think about watching this is playing Elder Scrolls V on my PC" - I was thinking the exactly same thing, in fact I was thinking the video was from the new Elder Scrolls game being release next year(I read the title of the article then jumped straight into playing the video without reading anything until it finished. lol.)

    All good and true making a realistic forest (which btw, JOB WELL DONE!!!) but can you play in it with a decent frame rate?

    *drooling* waaant Xbox720...or PS4

    im assuming crysis 2 in this case means crysis warhead.

    looks good

    you made a mistake, it says crysis 3 not crysis 2

    (or maybe your in cryteks good books?)

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