Video Surfaces Of Rumoured PlayStation Phone

Video of what looks like a PlayStation Phone prototype hit YouTube earlier today. Physically it looks very much like the rumoured device. A main menu and screens showing device information and firmware are seen, but no gaming features are depicted.

The device, the Sony Ericsson "Zeus" appears to use the telecommunications carrier MTEL CG, which is based in Montenegro. Although a PlayStation icon can clearly be seen on the screen, it's noteworthy that the guy never touches it. The video, seen here on YouTube, is of unknown origin.

Reports in August said Sony was basing the PlayStation Phone on the Android 3.0 platform. Rumours of a PlayStation Phone have bubbled up off and on for more than two years, getting renewed strength in March when the Wall Street Journal reported Sony was working on a smartphone capable of downloading and playing original PlayStation titles.

Update: Reader Silellak provides this video of the same guy touching the PlayStation icon in the phone. It brings up a screen saying the device has no games to load.


    I'd like a Playstation phone but unless it comes out before Christmas I'm going to end up with an Iphone 4.

    Would there really be a build this far along that didn't feature at least one analogue stick?

      Those two little dots in the middle has to mean something. Could they be touch-based sticks?

      Pretty sure its touch analogue sticks thats why there are no physical ones

    Gingerbread! Good :)

    Great potential, but I can give you an example to failure, Nokia N-gage?

    If this became official and was released I would most likely look into getting my hands on one asap.

      Nokia weren't exactly a powerhouse in the gaming business, though. Sony are.

        but there still running on a droid based system which means that it's not going to surpass even the PSP which i believe, if they are truely working on a PSP2 they should be doing the kinda iphone/ipodtouch type thing, so there cross compatable. But that's not going to happen.

        the issue with the Ngage had nothing to do with being a gaming powerhouse, it was that it never reached a level of market penetration along with having accessable indie development tools.

        The reason the Iphone succeeds as a gaming platform is because there are enough users with the same OS to make good games, when the ngage came out phones were different enough and varied that to buy a game you actually had to look at supported handset's. Nowadays it's kinda like the console system, you have IOS, Droid, Winmo. and then the odd third party ones which means that you have a larger base that you can develop for

    not really fond of the look...but who knows could be good i got a n97 mini and its a piece o crap i might hold out for this otherwise its gonna be the samsung galaxy s or the iphone 4

    lol you think they'd learn from the failure of the PSP

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