WA Attorney-General Possibly Waiting Until He Meets With Cabinet

According to the Media Advisor for WA Attorney-General, the representative for for Western Australia is waiting until he speaks to his cabinet before he makes any decision on R18. We can't tell for sure at this stage, but this could result in some kind of delay for the R18+ rating.

As mentioned before, there is no full confirmation of the delay, but there is a possibility that this might delay any announcement.

More news as we get it.

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    DAMMIT... WA looked even a few days ago like the next stumbling block. Many of the WA Cabinet were pressuring the WA AG to vote against it, and they felt their positions to be very influential.

    fffuuuuuu! f5f5f5f5f5

    Well. Thats better than it being rejected I guess?!

    OH COME ON! This is exactly WHY a unanimous decision is a ridiculous idea. A 5/7 majority should be all that's needed.

      4/7 majority should be all that's needed were in a democracy damnit


    Why am I not surprised. Eh well, we will see for sure soon enough...

      ...but that's not soon enough!

      I can't be bothered sitting to attention anymore. I'm going dark, gonna play some games - someone yell and scream about the result during Reach tonight, please.

    I think I just got a bad turn in my stomach.

    WFT? He's been saying that all week - it's not like he didn't know this was coming.
    If any of us working in the *real* world showed up unprepared for a meeting, of course...

    Surprise, delays.

    If true its ridiculous. The state where they want it the most not being truly represented by its parliamentarian and the rest of Australia suffers.

    That right there is democracy in action folks.

    I knew that the WA AG would screw this up for us... grrrr



    Douche! Pretty sure he knew this was on the agenda, considering he'd spoken to the media about it previously.

    Ugh. Really? One man can't decide on his own? Wait is that the one the ACL have power over?

    ....... Until next year.....

    I sincerely hope it doesn't.
    But hope is folly.

    5 years and NOW he thinks he needs to discuss it. BULL SHIT!!!!!

    He should hand in is resignation for being and ass.

    0_0 .....well why didn't he speak to his cabinet BEFORE the meeting? Have all the facts NOT been available prior to this meeting?

    Seriously. WTF.

      Part of the facts possibly being what the Commonwealth is offering States in exchange for their vote - this is cross border politics after all.


    You are a grown man Christian Porter. Make a decision on your own. C'mon now.

    Don't do this. Not now. Don't be that guy.

    They keep delaying the issue. Just shows that they don't take gaming seriously.

      I think it shows he's too gutless to make a decision. He is scared of the backlash he may get either way.

        except that most likely by the time the next election comes everyone will have forgotten about this

    Dude I know its scary to do on your own and all but just make a decision. Once you make one they become easier.

    As an example, I've just decided to play assassin's creed brotherhood. Then I decided to open my apple & strawberry juice.

    Start by deciding one way or the other on the 18+ rating and by this time next month you'll be regularly deciding what to have for breakfast or which pants go best with which shirt

    The only real reason for him to need to discuss with his cabinet would be if his position has changed from what he and his cabinet agreed with. So it isn't necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that the last minute presentations gave him a perfect opportunity to delay things if he believed that things were not going his way and he did not want to be held accountable for giving a "no" vote.

    Either he is doing the right thing by changing his position and consulting with his cabinet, in which case the last minute presentations were a mistake as this should have been done before the meeting, or he is doing the wrong thing and trying to avoid blame.

    This stinks of an underhanded stalling tactic if you ask me.

    Honestly they should force a vote today. It's been long enough. The biggest problem we have now is elections.

    In March 99% chance the NSW government will change and what if their AG comes in and says no and doesn't listen


    the way this is setup, is that classifications will never change for more open ness, rather just for more censorship

    Australia is crazy and whoever said everyone must agree should be held accountable for such a stupid law. It's not a criminal case we are fighting here, ffs

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