Want To Know Why Mass Effect 2 Looks So Good On The PS3?

Yesterday we posted a first look preview video of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and we were quite blown away by the visual improvement. Turns out there's a very good reason for said improvement.

Apparently Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 is utilises the updated engine Bioware are using for Mass Effect 3, reports Eurogamer.

"We actually created the engine for Mass Effect 3 and used that to make Mass Effect 2 PS3," claims Jesse Houston on the Bioware podcast. "So we took the content, the story and all of the other assets that made up Mass Effect 2 and we put it into the Mass Effect 3 engine."

So there you go - another mystery solved.

PS3 Mass Effect 2 uses ME3 engine [Eurogamer]


    You PS3ers are lucky devils!

      Join ussssssssssssssssss

        I would if my wife would leeeeeeeeet meeeeeeeee.

    Sons of guns...

    Oh well *shrugs* lol

    Gives us xBoxers something to look forward to, then - a preview of the new engine.

    Me, I already played ME2, like, a year ago, so I think I still win. (Plus, it looked more than good enough as it was)

      From what I hear, EVERYBODY who plays Mass Effect 2 wins, whether it's a year ago or now. I'm looking forward to it for sure.

    Nice to see a developer actually improving their engine for a sequel for a change. *cough* fallout *cough*

      That weren't a sequel boy, that was a side game. Where was the big number 4 on the cover?

        still doesn't excuse them for using a severely outdated, and ugly engine.

          Im pretty sure it wouldn't have even happened if they had to make a new engine.

      Sorry I missed that. I was watching the guy whose body fell through the map while his head continued to talk to me, :-P.

    This actually makes me want to play ME2 on the PS3 just so I can see what the new engine is like. Not enough to buy it, but maybe worth a rent so I can muck about for a few days.

    You know we could see this as less about winning and losing and more just be happy that the PS3 owners get to share in something that we loved on the xbox. I mean I know I didn't play the game just for the graphics.

      What a wonderful world that would be...

        What would be truly wonderful is if I had Yvonne Strahovski sitting next to me whilst I played...the game.

      I've been doing that. Since I heard the initial rumours I've been overtly hinting tp my PS3 pal he needs to get it. He loved Dragon Age and he loves shooters...it's a match made in Canada!

        Yeah I have a mate who was primarily a PS gamer when I met him but seeing as he loves to play multiplayer he got an xbox and live so he could play with me and my mates.

        He told me he wanted to borrow ME2 off me cause he'd heard good things so I gave him ME1 as well and told him to at least run through the first one just so you can see your choices from the first game refelected in the second. Probably the coolest feature in ME.

    Oh well, I was done with the game nearly a year ago. I might have considered getting it on PS3 otherwise...

    Does that also explain why it's taken them so long to port this?

    Not that I'm bitter, I just loved the original on the 360 and dropped the series when I converted to the ps3.

    I think its great for PS3 owners to get into Mass Effect but crap for Xbox 360 owners who have funded the series to be forced to pay full price for all the stuff given in the PS3 game. Lets face it, Bioware have shafted the 360 gamers as MS also pointed out. I think MS withholding ME1 from PS3 owners is a fair deal in applying pressure to Bioware/EA for the money grab but I personally would prefer PS3 owners (I won both but use PS3 mainly for Blu-ray movies) get the full deal. I hope this interactive comic works out ok but Bioware, Fff...orget you!

      What are you on about man?. All of the DLC for ME2 was developed after launch. Would have preferred Bioware withhold it all for all platforms until the PS3 version was released?. Bioware aren't shafting anyone; if the PS3 version had been released at the same time as the 360 one, PS3 users would simply have had to pay just like the other two platforms.

      The PS3 release is basically ME2 GOTY edition, and I'm sure there will be a 360 and PC GOTY edition as well.

      I'm just hoping they do an Ultimate Edition with all these extras.

        They almost certainly will, but perhaps not until they finish with the DLC - there are still more story DLC packs to come between now and ME3.


          I played it on a borrow and will wait.
          Wish I could do the same for DA2, but I just caaan't.

      "I think its great for PS3 owners to get into Mass Effect but crap for Xbox 360 owners who have funded the series to be forced to pay full price for all the stuff given in the PS3 game"

      No, we did not fund anybody other than EA's share holders.

      The reality most miss is when one buys a game, only a fraction of that ever makes it to the original authors - most of it goes to the publisher.

      360 owners haven't foot the bill for squat. And if you're talking about the DLC that is thrown in with the PS3 version, remember that Game Of The Year editions for pretty much everything are released a year later with the same stuff, this isn't just a PS3 thing but for ALL platforms.

      Now, can we forget the whole 'my camp', 'your camp' conspiracy theories and just appreciate that another version of the game is available to those who want it?

    Even though I own both consoles this would have beem a no go for me unless they magically managed to let me take my XBOX commander sheppard from the XBOX to the PS3.

    Oh well, ME3 it is.

    I was playing ME2 on my xbox the day before seeing the PS3 preview and I thought it looked pretty much the same? Maybe slightly better but it already looked freaking awesome on the xbox so who really cares *shrug*

    this is very good news.
    bioware not doing a rushed port.

    ME2 is my favorite game of the last few years, PS3 owners are lucky to finally get it and slightly improved is a nice consolation for the year delay.

    i assume it also comes with all DLC on the disc.

    a whole new bunch of people get to enjoy the brilliance of this fantastic game and then when ME3 comes out everyone gets to save or destroy earth together.

    Congrats to all!

    Not a single fanboy comment at all - so very, very refreshing.

    Additional congrats to PS3 owners (for which I am one)!

    It's a shame that they can't release the first game for PS3. That interactive comic thing is a good compromise, but sadly I don't think it will quite compare to the connection a player can feel to the hours they put into one game bearing weight in another. Still, the fact that so many more people will have the opportunity to get into the series at all is a great thing - exclusives be damned - and it's nice to see Bioware putting the extra icing on the cake. I loved Mass Effect 2 so much that the updates and inclusions might even convince me to buy the PS3 version.

    I think that's a clever idea, simply put it's a great way to test run the ME3 engine (or updates), no offense to PS3 owners, it means that if there are going to be issues they can learn from them when they patch it

    I was peeved when I first heard the ME2 on PS3 news but like everyone thats played it - its great! Bioware are one of, if not, the top developer out there right now. When EA was saying they wanna post a 10 million seller they weren't kidding and this is the way to do it. It's not "selling out" as some would say, I mean hey they're owned BY EA - but its giving a game of the year a broader audience cause it bloody well deserves one.

    I may even make the jump and put my thumbs through pain using a PS3 controller and clock some more 20+ hours of ME2 just to see it even preeeettier on the PS3.

    I just can't wait til ME3 now.

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