Want To See How The PS3 Version Of Mass Effect 2 Looks?

IGN have just put up an interesting Mass Effect 2 preview showing, amongst other things, a first glimpse at how the game gets around the whole 'not having the original game' thing and a comparison between the 360 and PS3 version. Bioware has created a little interactive comic that lets you 'play' through the original quickly. It's a pretty interesting solution...

In addition - Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 has gone gold - check the official Bioware blog for more details.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Preview [IGN]


    Surely if gamers were really concerned with graphic improvements over the 360 version they'd simply have bought the PC version back in January. It is interesting though to see how Bioware is trying to sell a few extra copies of the game for the platform they neglected in the first place.

      They didn't really neglect it, the original publisher for the first game was Microsoft, so Microsoft wasn't too keen to release it on PS3. Then in between 1 and 2 EA bought Bioware, and naturally EA didn't care much about getting Microsoft to publish their games. So EA became the publisher. by that stage 2 was well under way, and probably not practical to start a PS3 port for simultaneous release, combine that with the fact the first game is still published by MS, so it will never be releases on PS3, so there's another issue to fix.

      TL;DR Bioware didn't neglect the PS3, it was Microsoft's call.

        You should realise that EA bought Bioware way back in October 2007, before the port of the original Mass Effect for PC was even released. Microsoft to blame? Stop being such a fanboy :P Most likely it's to do with the lower install base of the PS3 console and increased difficulty developing for it.

          Microsoft clearly owned the publishing rights to ME1 at the time EA bought Bioware. Is it that hard to believe that Microsoft would be willing to sell the Windows publishing rights to EA but withhold the PS3 publishing rights?

          If a customer purchases the game on the PS3, then they are less likely to purchase an Xbox 360. If they purchase it on Windows, then at least Microsoft will have received money for the Windows license.

            "Is it that hard to believe that Microsoft would be willing to sell the Windows publishing rights to EA but withhold the PS3 publishing rights?"

            Mate, Microsoft and Sony are *competitors*. So it is easy to believe that Microsoft will with hold the rights to the first game. Why would Microsoft even *want* to support their rival?

              Exactly, it's like saying that Sony would allow the God of War games onto the 360 just because of friendship? Not bloody likely.

              Read what I wrote again. I was replying to someone who claimed that the Windows release of ME1 proved that Microsoft wasn't blocking a PS3 release of the game.

              I think it is quite likely that Microsoft retained the console publishing rights but was not opposed to a Windows release so sold those rights back to EA.

      Most people prefer to ah on consoles now days but graphics are a huge draw card for me. I will probably trade in mass effect 2 on 360 and get it on ps3 when it's out just for this.... Call me shallow lol

        You're shallow

      Disagree, I think the more people that play this game the better, regardless of circumstances.

      As they say in the vid, the publishing rights for the first game are owned by MS. This no doubt created a range of issues for developing the sequel for competing platforms.

      As with the PC, I'm with you, I love my gaming PC and for multi-platform shooters like this I always grab the PC version for the better graphics but c'mon now, we're a small segment of the market, not many people spend the amount required to keep a gaming PC up to date.

      It's funny you mention the 'neglected' gamers of the PS3 here because the PC version of the original Mass Effect was that shitty port that reeked of 'afterthought'. This PS3 version has all the DLC, it's high quality and clearly not a bashed together money making scheme.

      I agree that what you're describing above *does* happen, but this isn't an example of it.

        Are you serious? The PC port of ME1 was great. Many of the complaints of the 360 version were looked at and improved for the PC version. The inventory management system was a vast improvement.

      This is why I hate listening to PC gamers now, every post leads back to how the graphics are awesome on PC.

      Maybe they wanted to play the game, without jumping through the several hundred hoops associated with PC gaming, BTW tests have shown the two consoles are much of a muchness... both doing different things better than the other.

      Maybe they only own a PS3...

      "It is interesting though to see how Bioware is trying to sell a few extra copies of the game for the platform they neglected in the first place"

      Nobody neglected anybody. Hell, when ME1 came out, I am sure the Wii had the largest install base then followed by the 360 and the PS3 - Sony nearly shooting themselves in the foot with the large price tag and hardware that had little to no SDK support.

      Bioware mostly likely ran the numbers, weighed up the benefits and found that for their needs *at the time* the 360 was the best option.

      A lot has changed since then so that is the most likely factor why they are on all platforms now.

    I can't watch the video right now, but I assume that this 'comic' lets you make all the major decisions from the first 2 games so you can see their effects in the third.

    Please, please, please give players on other consoles a way to do this. I understand that in a way it waters it down, that you don't have to go to so much effort to get these first choices so their consequences don't seem as significant. But I want to see all the different consequences in the game and I don't want to play through them all dozens of times.

    Just thinking of say 1 major choice of ME1 gave 2 possible ways for ME2 to go. Now if you think of another single major choice in ME2 you already have 4 different playthroughs to do to see each of these possibilities play out in ME3; and I would think that there are more than 1 major choice in each game that will have an effect.

    If need be make it so you can't choose your options until after you've finished the game once, this seems fair. I think this was one of the biggest frustrations of ME2 which will only be increased exponentialy by ME3.

      No, the interactive comic thing lets you make decisions from the FIRST game only. This is Mass Effect 2 we're talking about here - you make the decisions in the 2nd game by playing it. Those decisions will then carry over into ME3.

      So if you want to see how things pan out if you make different decisions in ME2, you'll still have to replay it.

        Right, I totally misread that. Well I would still like to see this feature in ME3.

        I have heard about a PC save game site, but not one for the 360, I will definitely check that out, thanks Simon G!

      Hey don't despair, I had this same frustration with ME2 as I had played ME1 three times (on my third run I reloaded a lot to see different decision outcomes) and saw pretty much every possible outcome and most of the dialogue in the game.

      Luckily I found Gibbed's savegame editor (also known for the Just Cause 2 editor) a few weeks after ME2 launched which is super-easy to use on the 360 and won't get you banned or anything as it requires no modification. There's a sanctioned thread about how to use it on the official Bioware forums here: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/128/index/2277020/1.

      You can do all sorts of awesome stuff with it, including customizing every single decision that's possible in ME1 for import into ME2 and even modifying your Shepards face mid-playthrough (this was a huge annoyance for me, as faces can look great in the creator but weird in-game). I have little faith that Bioware's interactive comic will cover any more than the very basic "big" choices, but Gibbed's editor let's you tick off everything, perfect for those that have played ME1 multiple times.

      I do remember hearing something about Bioware releasing the interactive comic in a while via DLC for Xbox/PC owners of Mass Effect 2.

      I could be horribly wrong, though.

        What for? The same is still available for both platforms and is not going to disappear anytime soon.

          Sorry, typo. The *game* is still available on both platforms.

          (Late reply)

          It's much easier to play a 15-minute comic that establishes backstory for an ME2 import than a 40-hour game which accomplishes the same thing.

          For people who want certain choices to import into ME2/3, and don't want to play through an entire game (and can't edit their saves), this interactive comic backstory would be great.

    doesn't mass effect run on the unreal engine?

    why does it look so good on the psTriplettes?

      Looks similar to the PC version, can't see it differently from when I played it.

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