Was All That Final Fantasy XIII Fuss Worth It?

In one word, "no".

When Final Fantasy XIII was originally revealed, it was slated as a PS3 exclusive. Square Enix was adamant about it. Incredibly adamant.

Then, at the E3 gaming expo in July 2008, the inevitable happened: Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360, but only in Western markets. The game was getting a PS3-only release in Japan. Gamers were sent into a tailspin, with players in Japan wondering if the game was in fact truly a PS3 exclusive.

In an interview that July with Dengeki Online, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase quelled fears and stated clearly, "In Japan, a Xbox 360 version will not be released." That same month, Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto said, "There are no plans whatsoever" when asked if the game would be released on the Xbox 360 in Japan.

Square Enix remained steadfast on the PS3's exclusivity and even went as far as including "For PlayStation 3 Only" after trailers for the game in Japan.

In August, Final Fantasy XIII director and writer Motomu Toriyama was likewise crystal clear when told Dengeki PlayStation magazine, "There will absolutely not be an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII for Japan." Earlier that month, the Xbox Taiwan head Grace Chou reportedly confirmed the Asia release (Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong) of Final Fantasy XIII - causing speculation that the game could be played on Japanese Xbox 360 consoles. Microsoft, later, played damage control.

Then in mid 2009, Xbox Japan "accidentally" uploaded a Final Fantasy XIII page to its Japanese language site.

Earlier this year, a list of Xbox 360 Achievements for Final Fantasy XIII appeared on the Xbox LIVE site. There were 35 Achievements, all localised into Japanese. In August, Kitase said he "couldn't say" whether Japan would be getting FFXIII on the Xbox 360 or not.

Then the game was finally penciled in for a Japanese release. This December after years of build up and expectation, Final Fantasy XIII was released in Japan. a budget version and priced at ¥4980 ($60), which is nearly half of what it cost on the PS3. Dubbed "Final Fantasy Ultimate Hits International", the game features a new "Easy Mode" as well as an English voice option. Microsoft launched a television campaign promoting the game's Xbox 360 release.

In its first week on sale in Japan, the PS3 version sold over 1.5 million copies. A year later after the hype and ballyhoo died down, the Xbox 360 version sold less than 22,000 copies. It didn't even crack the top twenty. Granted, the Xbox 360 version might have done better if it wasn't released a year later.

The most disturbing thing is that DLC seemed to have been teased for the game. But those plans went out the door. Toriyama apparently told a Japanese game magazine, "We had plans for DLC, but those plans disappeared. Apologies!" One can't help but wonder if those plans went out the door when focused shifted to releasing the game on the Xbox 360...

スクエニってなんで360版FF13を日本で強行発売したの?ユーザー裏切ってまでやりたかった事って何? [はちま起稿][Pic]


    Why would you want more content (the promised DLC) for the game? There's already too much completely bland gameplay contained on the disc as it is.

    Biggest gaming disappointment of 2010

      There’s already too much completely bland gameplay contained on the "3" discs as it is. :P

    They should release a patch of a town you visit in between each event and some actual RPGish things to do.
    Also patch Vanilles voice into Japanese so I'll be less annoyed.

    Then I could actually finish that $130 lump of plastic sitting in the living room.

      I can't belive there is finally an article about how shit this game was and all you contribute is three lines and no mention of FF5 or FF8. For shame!!! You could at least cut and paste your TAY rants. :D :D
      PS $130 Ouch!!! I got mine for $50 and i'm still pissed.

        I totally can't find my rant to cut and paste.

        If you get stuck at work with nothing to do please post it on my behalf.

    "Granted, the Xbox 360 version might have done better if it wasn’t released a year later."

    Might? I don't even.

    Also, please, the "Japanese xbox 360 version" not the "360 version". I read a lot of the Japanese game sales reports on this site, assuming they are mostly from the same writer. Usually it's not clearly stated that these statistics are just for Japanese market and some article titles read like "x game does terrible on 360" only to open it to find its only the Japanese market.

    I notice I always see these articles about how bad 360 games are doing in the Japanese market, but never about how poor sales of games for either platform in the western (the larger) or the global market.

    uh the game sucked. So who gives a shit?

    Stupid Japanese nationalism. It ruined Phantasy Star Universe AND Phantasy Star Universe.

    One standard for the entire world - that's the way it should be. No exclusives or exclusions for this or that country. Every country should get the same versions.

    Haven't played FF anything since FF7

      10 is worth playing.

      I myself have been a Final Fantasy fan. My favorite till this day is still FF6.

      But after 12 and 13 (neither of them have been finished as I simply stopped having fun) I am reluctant to follow the series any more.

      In general, the games have simply become inferative movies that constantly push the bounds of character design. It is for the latter part the I avoided X-2 like the plague.

        Very much agreed with that. If you told kid me that we would live in a world of FFXIII's just after he finished playing FFVI then his eyes would light up, excitement visible.

        Instead we're met with a reality that after the last few I'm done with SquareEnix until they start behaving a bit more like Squaresoft.

    I actually really liked Final Fantasy XIII. I hated XII, only played it for a couple of hours and got sick of all the annoying characters. But XIII-- once you get into it, it's fantastic. And I don't find Vanille at all annoying! Hope is the only one who actually gets on my nerves. For everyone saying "they don't make 'em like FFVII anymore", please, just realise that maybe your expectations are based on impossible memories of these older games. I think becase so much of the older FF was left to the imagination, they were all much more personal experiences in some ways, if that makes sense!

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