What Are You Playing This Weekend

Last week I managed to finish off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but I still might jump into it for a while. I'd imagine, however, that my focus will be on Donkey Kong Country Returns, especially since my wife can join in. Could it be that the Critter Crunch curse will finally be broken? But what about you guys - what are the gaming plans for your weekend?

I'm also going to try and finish off Black Ops, which I put off when Brotherhood came into my life. Also - new Halo: Reach maps. Will definitely be picking up where I left off.

In addition - who would be interested in either a Halo: Reach or an Assassin's Creed community playdate? Let me know in the comments below!


    This weekend I'm playing Super Meat Boy! :D

    As for the community playdate, I hate you. >:(
    They are both console games. >:[
    I do not have a console. >:{
    Just kidding, but it'd be cool to have that LAN you spoke about a few weeks ago. That'd be mad!

    And Mark, did you get my email RE: Community Kudos?

    Would love to play AC:Brotherhood with any other Kotakuians! My PSN is NotoriousR, feel free to add.

    As for what to play, probably a mix of Brotherhood, Super Meat Boy and will start on KOTOR.

    I'm hoping to get some DKCR action in. Also the new Reach maps need some loving. A community playdate sounds good, but it's a busy weekend and I probably won't be able to make it.

      Poor Hinden.

      Probably some DKCR for me also, maybe some Assassin's Creed, maybe check out the Halo maps (but probably not - I don't usually play Halo without friends anymore).

    Donkey Kong Country Returns. I bought it last night and thought I'd just play it for a little while, next thing I know it's 10:30pm and I'm hungry.

      As yes, you know you have found a good game when you get up from playing and discover you have been declared legally dead.

    Hmmm hopefully some Fallout 3... it's longer and there is more walking than I anticipated.

    Skate 3, as that's my new addiction. I'll probably also switch between AC: Brotherhood and New Vegas as usual.

    This weekend I think I'll try and finish off the PoP Trilogy on PS3. I never got round to playing any of them on the PS2 so I never realised how good they were. The first game was awesome. Second one... Not so much. I can but hope the third is better.

    The rest of my time will be consumed with watching Naked Gun and animating. Good times!

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - it's really good, kinda like an easier Etrian Odyssey 3, but with puzzles.

    Still gothic 3 for me :0 Thing I might be setting a record for most time spent to finish one game! And it's not for lack of trying! I've been playing this sucker for hours everyday after work and pretty much all weekend!

    Probably get a few more levels to catch up with some mates in Black Ops as they've gained a few cheeky levels through the week.

    I'm hoping to pick up where I left off in New Vegas, I try to play it through the week but I end up playing for an hour an accomplishing nothing, really need to sit down for a few solid hours to get into it.

      I would play fallout 3 for a few hours and still get nothing significant done.

      Has the patch fixed much of the New Vegas bugs?

    PSP Final Fantasy VIII - only play for 5 hours. Ok so far, not as impressive compared to FFVII

    Xbox360 Sranglehold - actually not that bad! Not as polished as Max Payne but is has some new ideas and surely Mr Chow is better looking than Mr Payne? :-P

    PC Super Tofu Boy - gotta a good laugh when I saw the post on Kotaku.

      I wish they'd hurry up and release Max Payne 3.

        Not until he gets rid of his wifebeater shirt and beer gut.

      FF8 is my fav, love that junctioning system.

        I'm still trying to get used to that junctioning system but as I've said, I've only just started playing the game this week.

        So far out of the first 7 games my fav is FFVI.

    Probably a mix of GT5 and AC:B...

    I have played only about 3-4 games online in AC:B and sucked hard at it... probably would look at getting some more time online with it though and get some abilities...

    PSN - oggob

    Master of Orion II: Battle at Anteres.
    The memories.

    Will probably also re-start Fallout: New Vegas with another character after my first one got corrupted by bugs. >:(

    Well, since I ordered DKCR from the UK like and idiot, I'll be playing... erm... possibly Bioshock actually. Been meaning to play it for a while obviously, but... I don't know, I'm not big on the powers/drugs thing going on. We'll see...

    All this zelda talk in TAY got me wanting a Wind Waker replay. actually that sounds more enticing! :D

      Bioshock was alright, but I never found it to be much more than a solid shooter with an interesting mechanic (bio-power-magic-dealies). I still don't understand why everyone was raving about it.

      I also want to play Zelda, but I have a bit of a backlog of games at the moment, so I'll just wait for Ocarina of Time on the 3DS :P

      I wish I was able to play Bioshock straight away.
      I saw the trailer on xbox live and was VERY excited, the entire concept is amazing.

      When I finaly bought my own 360 I was too busy playing Blue Dragon, Lost odyssey and Mass Effect, when I finaly got around to Bioshock it was less impressive than the first play.

      I was interupted again by another game and when I came back it just seemed like any other shooter and the world just wasn't pulling me in anymore. A real shame cos it seems like a great game.

        Yeah this is the kind of drudgery this game has pulled me into unfortunately. I say I will play it, but I probably won't.

        Super excited for WW now though! Yay for gamecube!

    Hoping AC:B gets here today. Nevertheless, got a bunch of stuff I want to play. GT5 grinding and unlocking, Black Ops with my mate who may FINALLY have some time to play Demolition, some Reach for the new maps (yay!), may go go-karting. And the weather may actually be somewhat stable down here in Melbourne - possible beach trip? :D

    Still interested in the Brotherhood playdate (XBL gamertag: Batguy). Started playing last night and had loads of fun!

    Are we going to try to arrange it here, or in a dedicated post?

    Would like to play some Brotherhood with people who don't run around like chickens with their heads cut off! GT: matt3082

    More GT5, I'm really having a blast on the AMG Nurburgring Challenge trying to get gold trophies. It's really damn hard, and a force feedback wheel makes it a very intense experience.

    well, i just got minecraft, and now i am thoroughly addicted...

    which makes me think, could there be a kotak minecraft server?

    would be interesting to see the communities creativity!


    Does anyone ever experience wrist pain after using a mouse for long amounts of time?

    I used to be able to play mouse intensive PC games like AOE and Half Life but now get quite a sore wrist if playing for any serious amount of time.
    I'm 25 now, so not geriatric, but it's gotten to the point where I no longer play PC games except for minecraft and stick to a console.

      I assume you've already tried putting something squishy underneath your wrist?

        Yeah, I have one of those wrist pad mousepands and an ergonomic mouse. Hope it's not early arthritis :|

          Yeah, I had that too.

          No real cure for it, it just goes away after a while (couple of months I think).

    GT5 and Fallout Vegas for me. psn - ilikedoritos777

    Final run at Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for me, complete the singleplayer mode and finish the last couple of challenges, find the last few items and complete the last sequence.

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