What Are You Playing This Weekend

What I play this weekend is probably dependent upon the result of the SCAG meeting today. If we get the wrong decision, I'll be playing a little game called the 'five stages of grief', if we get the right decision? Well, um... I don't know. Probably blasting all you fools in Halo: Reach during our Community Playdate! Are you ready for some good old fashioned virtual pain?

So yeah, I'll be playing with you guys on Reach if you're still up for it. I'll be on at 9pm, GT: DriestBobcat. I've had a flurry of friend requests which I accepted last night, but if you want to get some games in feel free to message me. I'll be on for a good couple of hours, so I hope to see you all there.

But apart from humping my corpse, any other game related plans for the weekend? Non-game related plans? Let us know in the comments below.


    Going to continue on with my replay of Wind Waker if Donkey Kong doesn't arrive in the mail today. Considering Valkyrie Profile 2 which I've owned for a while but haven't tried... any people played it and liked it? Hated it?

      VP2 = amazing game.

        Hmmm, interesting... this is probably enough convincing haha!

    I'm going to play whichever games provide me steam treasure hunt achievements! XD

    Apart from that, I'm going to do some programming, 3d modeling, reading and som PARTYING!!!! :D

    It's going to be a good weekend! :D

      This treasure hunt is going to cost me a fortune

      Me: haha I only need to play the demo and not by the game to get my +1
      Me: This is pretty good. Maybe I should by it since it is on sale
      Wife: I like the funky little musician dudes
      Wife: We should buy this
      Me: Ok

      Other than that I'll be playing a bit of LOTRO and likely some LOL

    Got my Ultimate Edition DA:O in the mail Wednesday all will continue my acheivement scalping on the DLable content.


    A little Mario Galaxy
    and Zeld Oracle of Ages on the crapper

      Poor Zelda! Either you spend too much time in there, or that game is going to take many trips to be completed...

    If we get the R rating or not, I will replay my copy of Manhunt. Sweet, sweet Manhunt.

      Funny story... I have 2 copies of that at home, both are still factory sealed...

      Any offers people?!?!

    Bought Limbo yesterday and, whilst I enjoyed it, I felt kinda disappointed by the end. So I'll be (wishing I was) playing Trials HD instead, or wishing I had the extra 30 points to buy it! >:

    Other than that: whoo, Reach!

      Yeah as much as I loved Limbo I was always a bit disappointed by the ending. It was so beautiful the way he makes his entrance... but there could have been a little more of... something, after he makes it.

    I'm getting through my pile of shame finally. Mirror's Edge almost complete, then fingers crossed RDR arrives today. Otherwise I'll move onto Dead Space or MGS4.

      *update* Looks like I'm playing RDR this weekend, I also have the choice of the new Goldeneye or GT5. Thanks EB for the prompt Mad Monday delivery!

    Just finished Alan Wake which was good but didnt really understand what was going on. On to Halo Reach and most likey gross amounts of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

      +1 for the pile of Shame. Halfway through Brutal LEgend and looking to finally play AC2 or Mirrors Edge before the end fo the weekend.

      But I am committed to at least a small jaunt in Bad Company 2 in preparation for Vietnam. Don't want to be owned day 1 because I'm out of touch.

    Should be able to finish Stranglehold this weekend.

    No way near finishing FFVIII though.

    God of War Collection should arrive in the mail this arvo so might give that a try. $34 what a bargain!

    Might try and finish Epic Mickey this weekend. Having a decent amount of fun with it so far, can't wait to see what other shorts the 2D levels will be based on.

    Halo Reach tonight. Maybe some 'Ass Cree Bro' tomorrow night. Maybe Donkey Kong Returns.

    Might try to knock over Super Scribblenauts and Dissidia, though I'm going back to my parents' place so not much will be done :(

    I'm yet to complete Assassins Creed Brotherhood, so will try to finish that off this weekend.

    I also downloaded the new Marvel tables for Pinball FX, so will be working on my high scores.

    The wife and I are also started playing thru Donkey Kong Country Returns, so we'll hopefully be able to devote some weekend time to that.

    Finally, I delved into my pile of shame during the week, pulled out Rainbow 6 Las Vegas 2, which I hadn't actually ever played.. and amazingly enough, it's really good! I don't usually get that into soldier type games, but this one is heaps of fun.. punishingly difficult at times, but very rewarding too.

    I think that should be enough to keep me busy this weekend! Never mind all the chores which need to be done...

    Dammit, I just remembered, 2 work Christmas parties this w/e will reduce my gaming time considerably! Crap :)

    Continuing my first play through of mass effect, and possibly participating in a little treasure hunt..

    Also, some more chime and might sit down and have a go at Poker Night at the Inventory to see how that goes..


        Jimu makes a good point here loops. One that really can't be denied.

    Iracing (trying to get my SR to 4.0 in rookie), blackops (tonight for the Kotaku game night thingo), and am looking at buying the 2 mass effects going cheap at bigW...

    Believe it or not, I'm STILL working my way through Gothic 3 with the community patch :0 I'm getting closer now. Last night was the beginning of the end. Time to liberate the land and free everyone from the orc control! It'll be a long hard slog, but I have my meteor spell now, so at least it'll be fun smashing 10-20 orcs at a time! ;)

    I'm on Brotherhood on my own time, and me and my wife have challenged my brother and his gf to a Mario Kart (Wii) tournament on Sunday.

    May be getting myself into StarCraft II.
    I'll try the 1v1, get into the bronze league, fail at that, then rage at being a failure at RTS (and at gaming in general) then go back to the arms of the 360 and take solace in using somewhat dickhead guns on Black Ops.

    AK-74u with Rapid Fire <3

    I'll hopefully be taking a whooping in Reach tonight (when you say 9... you mean 8:30 in Adelaide, right?)

    AC2, Super Meat Boy, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central will have the rest of my weekend.

    My weekend will consist of playing The Witcher, mabye some AC2. Have also started replaying the original Halo, still awesome. Might play some Uncharted 2 in anticipation of the third game just announced.

    GT5 gold license grinding. God DAMN they're hard, but it's such a good feeling when you finally achieve them. Also picked up Killzone 2 pre-owned the other day, so I might take that for a spin.

    Otherwise, the gf and I might try replaying the Gears Of Wars on Insane (just finished them together on Hardcore last week), maybe play a little Lego Indy, or some Super Mario Galaxy together.

    I'm simply hoping to get more time on the console compared to last week, but I don't like my chances as I believe I need to concrete a small section near our fence so the dogs stops digging and also has a non-dirty area to sit at...

    Otherwise, GT5, AC:B, Dead Nation and others... so many un-finished games! :(

    Probably just some black ops and more metroid prime 3. I've progressed quite far through that this week. Should be finished by this time next week hopefully.

    Black Ops on PC, if on PS3 it'll be most likely castlevania. Got a lot of new games to play now and those'll be my first choices :)

    I'd play Starcraft 2 with the Star Battle map... If it were available on the SE asia region!... Fricken hell that annoys me, EU server has it, US server has it, not here -.-

    So many games to play fortunately start 3 week break. Probably play assassins creed 2. So far pretty awesome maybe finish super Mario galaxy 2 and watch season six of the office.

    Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. Just finished playing through Butcher Bay for the first time last night and will continue with Assault on Dark Athena tonight. Awesome game!

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