What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You know what I'll be playing this weekend? Nothing. I'm heading to some random lake house in the middle of Victoria with my in-laws for the Christmas weekend, and I'm not allowed to bring any games? Not even bloody Rock Band! What the hell!

But what about you guys? Will you manage to squeeze in any games over the weekend, or will it be regular Christmas stuff with the family?


    Sad Keanu.

    I've got a family do Saturday, cricket Monday. A friend got me Enslaved (yay!) but I need to finish AC:B first. If I find time, some BO and Reach MP. :D

    Getting NFS: Hot Pursuit and AC: Brotherhood tomorrow, so I'll be checking those out sometime tomorrow afternoon... after stuffing my face with beer, and copious amounts of food ;)

    I'm hoping to fit in some gaming among the family christmas stuff.

    I tried playing Mass Effect 2 last night, but I just couldn't get some of the controls, and I don't have the patience to read the instruction booklet.

    It looks like I'll be on my own this weekend apart from a Christmas dinner, so I'll take another crack at it.

      Reading instruction booklets are for chumps!

      Side note: my first half hour of playing NFS: Hot Pursuit involved me trying to accelerate using the boost button and using the handbrake as the normal brake. :D

    I'll be playing Vanquish and Fallout: New Vegas, and maybe some Assassin's Creed 1. I have no idea how I've never actually bought the game myself.

    My parents got my sister a PS3 for christmas so, I mean, SOMEONE has to make sure it's all set up and working right?

    Other than that, the Dead Space 2 demo has made me wanna go back and maybe try to get some of the missed trophies in the first one. You can't get more Christmassy than that!

    I'd like to think I'll get a couple more hours of Oblivion in, but I doubt it. I'll probably watch my bro play Castlevania, or we'll play some NBA Jam.

    Decided to play Mass Effect, P.B. Winterbottom (Seriously, the soundtrack alone is worth the 50c cost, GO AND BUY IT PEOPLE) and Super Meat Boy. Also, my laptop's screen is dying/dead, so I am going to have to look for some kinda replacement/fixing it.

    Two Worlds 2 for me :) My Royal Edition FINALLY arrived from Germany yesterday.

    Also will be giving Bad Company 2 Vietnam a thrashing too.

    With the Steam sale still in full effect, I have no idea what I'll be playing. Purchased Mass Effect on Steam (Despite owning it on 360)... Will be great to play that through again, this time with PC controls.

    On my to-do list:
    1. AvP
    2. Metro 2033
    3. Mass Effect
    4. RDR Undead Nightmare
    5. Any presents I get for Christmas

    I'm going away but I'll be bringing my netbook which has the Doom series installed on it, and my PSP.

    I doubt I'll get time to play anything though.

    hmmm I think a bit of Deus Ex (playing it through again).. some super meat boy (damn you steam sales!) and maybe some RDR.. i'm at 98.5% and I want that 100!


    Take a pen and paper, come up with a ruleset for the new Kotaku-AU website online RPG...

    If you get bored, go outside with a stick... hold it at one end and wave it around the ground, beep ocasionally. When Mrs. Serrells ask what the hell you're playing at tell her it's minesweeper.

    I'm going to re-finish ME... I've decided I need a playthrough where I choose to **** *** *******.
    I picked up Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom last night, so I'll take a swing at that too.

      All perfectly viable suggestions. Minesweeper is going to be AWESOME.

        Find some odd shaped rocks and play rock Tetris.

        Watch everyone moving around and pretend it's The Sims.

          Now there's an idea - wait for one of them to go to the bathroom then wall them in and let the fun begin!

    Diablo II (just reinstalled to play ladder again)

    In no particular order.

      Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that my brother got me Thief II and III for Chrissy, so they may be featuring heavily.

    Me and my Girlfriend will be playing Donkey Kong Country Returns together majority of the holiday period, maybe get in some guitar hero / rockband action too.
    Then, off to play wii with the parentals! great times ahead.

    I'll be lucky if I get to play anything...
    DA: O?
    I'm getting Outrun 2006 coast to coast for OX for Christmas so I guess I'll play that!

    Mark, I've just noticed that there seems to be a lot of Sanda Bullock love coming from you.

      Oh gawd... I wasn't even conscious of it. But you're right...

      What does this mean…

        Good question...
        The Proposal? You need to take a break. hand in Two Weeks Notice and Speed off to a Lake House for 28 Days and Crash. Don't worry about Totilo, it's not All About Steve. Turn off The Net and enjoy the Forces of Nature and Making Sandwiches. Hit the Cruise Control and relax. Play some games and revel In Love and War with some CoD. Don't be Gun Shy and make A Time To Kill. Murder by Numbers, my friend. There's no Prizes for Miss Congeniality here. Take the missus and enjoy some 'Practical Magic', Loverboy. You gotta keep an eye on The Blind Side or you'll face Demolition, Man. Well, that's my Premonition.


          **tips hat**
          Kotakudos to your sir.

          Thanks for mentioning Demolition Man, I prolly saw most of those flics in my life but DM is the only one I care to remember.

    Hope so. Might be hard around cricket and beer. Hoping to finish off Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood soon.

    Probably won't get to play anything much... although maybe I should take Guitar Hero and the Xbox to the in-laws.. it would be fun to all play together - or at least my little bro-in-law...

    My holiday in Japan so far has been "go, go, let`s go" as soon as we hit the ground at Narita airport. I managed to play some Civilization on the DS during the car ride to mount Fuji, but then was scolded by my father in law as some nice scenery was coming up!

    We had great weather to see Mount Fuji, it is truly an epic mountain. My wife is doing all her medical check ups so I am tempted to play some thing on my macbook, but I have to editing all the hundreds of pictures I have taken. Maybe I will enjoy the sunny weather and go for a walk.

      We so LOVE Japan... very jealous... enjoy your time there...

    No family Christmas for me this year! Just the wife and I, and DK Country returns.. we're a fair way through, but man it's tough going at times!

    Undead Nightmare is under the Xmas tree for me! I also want to start a new New Vegas playthrough, some Marvel Pinball, oooooh yeah, I have The Sly Collection too, picked it up the other day and have only played about half an hour so far. And am still playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, which I recently pulled from my pile of shame.. can't wait to finish that one...

    Looks like it's going to be a very happy gaming Christmas this year! Hooray!!!

    Take game dev story at least. Im in year 18 with. 1.4 billion. Not million. BILLION. I have released 2 Bly ray 64 bit consoles and I have that robot that comes to gamedex on staff!

    Apart from that. I'm playing nothing also. Will pick up gaming next year after a week or so.

    A friend gifted me Super Meat Boy on Steam (cuz I gifted him Bad Company 2) so I'll be cursing my way through that game. Also have been giving Final Fantasy Tactics A2 a fair go in recent times so I'll be continuing that. Also plan to wrap all that up with some Bad Company 2.

    GT5, hours and hours of it.
    Is it strange I play better when I've had a few beers?

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