What Do Tron And The Fastest Car On Earth Have In Common?

The Bugatti brand is responsible for the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest road-legal car on the planet. Former Bugatti employee Daniel Simon is responsible for the newly styled Tron: Legacy Light Cycles.

The original Light Cycles were designed by Syd Mead of Aliens and Blade Runner fame. Big shoes for the German designer to fill. Simon gained wider fame as a car futurist with 2007 book Cosmic Motors.

"These designs wouldn't work in the real world," Simon tells the BBC. "They make total sense in the computer world. It's fantasy and it's entertaining."

According to Motor Trend Magazine, no actual real-world prototypes of the Tron: Legacy vehicles exist. The closest to real-life versions of the Light Cycles were skeletal frames that actors could mount for specific shots.

Click through the gallery below for more of Simon's Tron work.

Tron: Legacy vehicle designer reveals secrets [BBC]


    And if I was to tell you that the design was possibly plagiarised from a guy who designed lawn furniture in the late 70's early 80's ???

    I have a copy of OMNI from Jan 1980 (2 years before the original Tron movie) showing this futuristic designed lawn art in stark White which bears a remarkable similarity to the Tron Light Cycle design made famous in the movie.

    Im not sure yet which is sadder, the fact that I read OMNI mags from 30yrs ago, or that Luigi Colani misses out on his deserved fame !

    Pictures by request !


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