What If Indiana Jones Was A... Classic PC Adventure Game

Oh, wait, it was. Twice. OK, then, if it was an even older adventure game, maybe it would have looked like this!

Artist Andy Rash, who did the delightful collection of pixellated Star Wars characters we featured a few weeks back, has done another set from the Indiana Jones movies.

Like the Star Wars ones, there's something about the character design that gives the whole thing an alternate history vibe: the source material may be from Lucasfilm, but their interpretation here looks more like a Sierra game, Lucas' fierce adventure game rivals in the late '80s/early '90s.

Rash earns bonus points for the little burning heart in Mola Ram's hand, then promptly loses them for including anything from Crystal Skull.

[Indiana Jones, via it 8-bit]


    Reminds of a game back in the day called Arctic Adventure. Character was basically an Indiana Jones rip off but the main character was very pixelated indeed.

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