What Is Final Fantasy Type-0?

A mysterious trademark for Final Fantasy Type-0 popped up in a European trademark database.

The trademark is for "Final Fantasy Type-0" and was filed yesterday. The trademark also included a logo, which is 零式, or "Type-0" written in Japanese kanji.

It's not clear whether the game is in fact a reboot, but Tomb Raider, which Square Enix now owns, is getting another reboot called simply "Tomb Raider".

Next month, Square Enix is holding "Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere" in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills. New titles will be revealed at the event. Will Final Fantasy Type-0 one of them?

And is it a reboot? A remake? A prequel? What?

Square Enix Preparing Final Fantasy Type-0? [Siliconera]


    I'm all for the series starting fresh, however, tags like "Type-0" sound wanky and only serve to push people away.
    I loved Neon Genesis Evangelion, yet I didn't watch anything with numbers like "1.2" stuck to the end of it because it seemed like next level shit something only rabid fans would appreciate.
    Just call it Final Fantasy Colon Something.

      Final Fantasy Colon Ejection: Return of the POOPOO

    If were lucky it will be more FF13...Oh shoot me now!

    Prequel? How do you have a prequel to a series with no canonicity? I have a feeling it'll be just another Final Fantasy game, as similar and as different as any of the others are to one another.

    Looks like the type of name you'd see for a mobile game?

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