What Really Motivates Master Chief

Artist Matthew Davis did this while studying at Middle Tennessee State University, as part of a range of pieces "[focusing]on desensitisation from different forms of media we are subjected to on a regular basis".

It's a catchy slogan, one that could work as well for an official endorsement of the game (or the product) as it does a satirical jab.

I have to ask, though: has anyone ever really been "jacked up" on Mountain Dew? I used to drink a ton of it in high school and never got close. I got the burps sometimes, yeah, but it's not like I was anywhere near jacked up.

gourde: visual genocide [Matthew Davis, via Herochan]


    Luke, maybe this will help explain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJYDjC8e25s

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