What Was Your Favourite Trailer From 2010?

Video game trailers are now such a key part of the landscape that they've taken on a life of their own, often times more exciting than the games they're trying to sell. So we want to know: what are your favourites?

Remember, we want to know what your favourite trailer from 2010 was. Not the trailer to your favourite game. These things have become so removed from the product they're selling they've become the music videos of the gaming world, and that's how we'd like to judge them: on their own merits, not that of the game that's inspiring them.

It doesn't matter if it's a live-action representation, a pre-rendered cinematic sequence or a few minutes of raw, inspiring gameplay, let us know in the comments below.

We'll be making a shortlist and crowning a winner before the year is out.


    Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer.
    Came out in January of this year and has the song Heart of Courage from Two Steps From Hell.

    Best. Trailer. Ever.

    The Deus Ex trailer. The newly released extended one. It has to be one of the best trailers I have ever seen in any entertainment medium (even books), and unlike the other ones that I loved for their looks and sound, such as the Deliver Hope trailer, this one has quite a lot of substance and themes that as a player of the previous Deus Ex games, I find very important. Also the Icarus metaphors, that people called 'clich├ęd' and unoriginal, hearkening back to Daedalus make me feel good inside.

      I will never understand why folks say that it is cliche. That bugs me. I love the reference. I think that having such an old metaphor being used in a game where folks are trying to be more than what "god" intended fits so well, that if it fit any better, it would be wrong.

      I am looking forward to this game. For me, it is the sequel that Deus Ex should have had in the first place.

      Yeah, I loved that one. The fake news were a really great reminder of the first game, and helped give it a very Deus Ex-y vibe.

    Halo Remember Reach Trailer. Just fit so well with the music and the visuals

    It's tough to choose a favourite as there have been many awesome trailers this year. Any of these would get my vote:

    DA2 Destiny Trailer

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    DC Universe Online

    Star Wars: TOR Hope Trailer

    Bioshock Infinite

      Man trailers are getting so detailed and realistic.
      I was kinda confused whether that brotherhood one was live action or not for a bit.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Made me kinda dissapointed that they were making a game out of it, I would love that to be a full feature film.

    I'd have to say Dragon Age Origins is pretty darn spectacular.

    The Uncharted 3 debut trailer, mainly for the speech - http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-10-uncharted-3/708328

    The brotherhood one that dire wolf posted is another favourite of mine.

    Homefront - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5yyWZ2Z6Ps Seems more likely with the new troubles between north and south korea, and with the US trying to step in.

    Dragon Age II Destiny (the extended version) by far. Its gameplay trailers on the other hand...

    Halo Remember Reach trailer for me. was very well done, all assets in that trailer were from Reach's engine and not cgi. The trailer gives you a glimpse of Noble team before you come in in the game (as Noble 6). With the perfect music playing it was executed very well.

    Coming in as a close second is Mass Effect 2.

    Although I never played any of the Metroid Games the new metroid the other M trailer was pretty good not just because there was a hot female but also because of the epic music and cgi


    Deus Ex Human Revolution - Extended Trailer.

    Brotherhood nailed the suspense perfectly I believe... BUT

    I absolutely died when I watched the cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 2 - I don't care it was CGI it was freaking insane. If no Live-action Mass Effect film gets made, i'd be happy for a CGI one instead.


    Honourable mentions go to ones already listed; Deus Ex (2011's Tron but for video games) & Remember Reach.

    Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

    Changes to the series aside, Project Aces have shown that they still know how to make an amazing trailer.

    What - no Resistance 3 Live action trailer love?
    It rocks

    Can't believe only one person mentioned Bioshock Infinite. It's easily the best trailer I have seen for a game in a long long time. I haven't been interested in playing an FPS in years. This got me interested again.

    One of the EVE online ones?

      I eternally watch EVE trailers and pray for Freespace 3 or an equivalent game to be made. Space is an underused game frontier these days.

      Oh, I have to say EVE allways has fantastic traliers. I think I liked the Tyrannis one the most this year.

      Overall I have to say Dragon age: Origins trailer for the Sacred Ashes took fist place for me. I'd never really heard of that game and as soon as i saw that trailer went straight to the top of my to buy list.

    The Homefront Backstory trailer - yes there's no gameplay in there - but I defy you to watch this trailer and not get chills

    The Mass Effect 2 cinematic trailer was amazing, probably my favorite for this year.

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