What Worgen And Goblin Character Classes Should I Play?

World of Warcraft's Cataclysm goes down early tomorrow morning, unleashing the ferocious Worgen and inventive Goblins upon Azeroth as playable races. I'll have to play both races, but the classes I pick are up to you guys.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be playing World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion pack leading up to a review that should hit somewhere around Christmas time. I've decided to split up my time between the high end content being introduced for levels 80 through 85 and the two new playable races, the Goblin and the Worgen.

I'm just not sure what sort of Goblin or Worgen to play.

Over the past six years I've tried just about every race and class combination in the game. My highest level characters are a pair of Mages, a Rogue, and a Priest. Everything else I've played to at least level 24. In fact the only class I've not gotten past 30 so far is Shaman.

Do I go with what I know or try something new? Skill progression has pretty much changed for all classes, so I'm sure the experience will be fresh no matter what I choose.

So I leave it up to you guys. Whichever race and class combinations are winning when Cataclysm goes live at 12:01AM Pacific time will win the day. Feel free to use the comment section for reasoned debate!


    Go counter terrorists.

    You're nor choosing a school for your child. Just play the damn game.

      Easy there bear. You're not being very cuddly.

      He's not struggling with indecisivenes, he's just trying to provide a little community involvement.

      you sound mad, had a bad day?

        I'd be angry too if someone stole all my honey.

          So the crankypants panda lost all his honey D:?!

    Have my copy already. I'll be playing from 7pm tonight

    gobbo enhancemen shammy ftw!

    ...or if they confused you with pedobear...

    never played WOW and have no idea what the difference is between the classes but voted anyway.

    PS. what is a Worgen and what is the go with that frock it's wearing?

      I could go into detail on the whole backstory, but basically Worgen are people cursed with being a werewolf. They can choose to look either werewolfish or human but shift to wolf when in combat.

      Anyway, the one that's wearing a dress is a mage.

      Planning on a Goblin shaman myself, gonna name it EconoMic.

        Shame, I thought worgens were lionmen based on that first screenshot!

      Some worgens just want to look purrty in a nice frock

    Looks like people want a Worgen Druid but why would a werewolf need to turn into other angry animals?

    Worgen hunter down here! Wa sgonna do a Worgen druid, but nothing beats shadowmeld + flight form for the massive pvp that will undoubtedly ensue in the coming weeks :D

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