What You Might Have Seen In Gran Turismo 5 If You Weren't Going So Darn Fast

A Yakuza 3 ad, an Engrish restaurant sign and ... George Clooney? Gran Turismo 5 is an amazingly detailed game, though some of that detail on its Tokyo race course is a bit strange.

Reader Dean A. sent these in. Loads more images can be found here.


    Some of those are spectacular!

    It does bring to light some sever texture detail differences though. I mean, some billboards are low-res, while smaller signs are HD... strange...

    This sort of detail isn't bizarre if you live in japan. They've got Leonardo di caprio selling tyres and Tommy lee jones selling coffee (as an alien trying to learn about humanity no less)

    shame they didn't spend more time making more premium cars... who gives a shit about all that detail on certain things in the environment...

      Time to make a premium car = 1000 combined man hours

      Time to make billboard = 1hr over lunch time.

    Yeah, this makes no sense. Like I get doing the billboards, but the bikes? And the park behind the fence that is actually rendered? I'm all for perfectionism, but couldn't they have fucked that off and maybe tried rejigging those awful menus?

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