What's The Poop On Dirty Diapers?

Keeping a dozen cranky infants happy hardly sounds like a fun time in real life; on the iPhone, it's the premise of Dirty Diapers, a fast-twitch puzzler just released on the App Store.

Dirty Diapers is by Streaming Colour studios, which made 2009's Dapple, a game I still think highly of. In it, 12 babies are constantly waking up and fussing - needing either a bottle, a fresh diaper or a spell in the rocking chair. Drag the appropriate icon to the kid and he's happy. For another couple of seconds.

At its hardest difficulty the game gets really frantic (and is over quite fast.) At easy, the babies come at you in waves, a sentence I never thought I'd type. At hard, it's nonstop.

The game is $1.19. If you listen to this with headphones on, that creaky sound is my tape-based minicam, not anything coming from the game.


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