What's The Worst Christmas Game You Ever Got?

With Christmas Day almost upon us, no doubt many of you are asking for games to be crammed in your stocking. But such requests aren't always the stuff of fond memories: sometimes Christmas games can scar you.

I remember December 25, 1990 like it was yesterday. The world was in the grip of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fever, and Australia was suffering as badly as everywhere else. As a ten year-old as serious about mutant turtles as I was about video games, there was only one thing I was asking for that year: the TMNT video game.

Being ten years old, though, I wasn't fully up to speed on the fact gaming platforms could significantly differ. See, I'd sunk countless coins into the TMNT Arcade game, which was amazing, and simply presumed that the TMNT game I was asking for on my family's Commodore 64 would be the same game.

It wasn't. The game I wanted looked like this.

The game I got looked like this.

It was, for want of a better term, a piece of shit. My childhood memories of Christmas holidays are normally happy ones, but this, this was a dark time.

So, Kotaku readers, what was the worst game you ever got on Christmas morning?


    I forget what it was called, but essentially, it was a point-and-click thing around top down pictures of Disneyworld. The reward at the end of the game? Some dialogue from the guy in charge of the place.

    It was PC. Would have been some time around '96, so it really is of a disappointing standard.

    I had ninja turtles on the Commodore 64 as well, but it looked nothing like that. Mine looked like frogger, it had a birds eye view and each turltle would throw their weapons at the enemies.

    Dreams to reality on psone. A 'quasi sequel' to an inspired pc game. Thank god the shop returned it. My mum got it cause I "liked magic and stuff" :(

    Sonic Heroes and Crash Team Racing. At the same time.

    Kevin Sheedy's AFL Coach 2002.

    But, the best video game present I got was Jazz Jack Rabbit back in the day on 4 floppy disks =)

    Myst II --- Come on, I was like 10 at the time, how the hell was I supposed to enjoy that?

    F1 Pole Position 64. God that game sucked major balls.

    Funny...I've been in the exact same situation as the OP. But it happened on my 9th or 10th birthday when I was given the same crappy TMNT game on NES and had asked for the Arcade version. Sad times indeed

    Superman 64.

      Bookbuster has experienced the worst gaming christmas ever.

      Possibly the worst gaming experience ever.

      It's the gamer equivalent of getting a puppy for Christmas and you open the box to find the puppy dead.

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