When Assassin's Creed Meets Strategy Gaming

Massive, a studio that has only ever made real-time strategy games, is working on an Assassin's Creed project. Wonder what that could be?

Ubisoft revealed the move via Twitter yesterday. What makes it interesting isn't just the fact that Massive has only ever made strategy games (Ground Control and World in Conflict), it's that in 2008 Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot said the studio was being put to work in the MMO space

Considering Massive's strategic pedigree, multiplayer track record (World in Conflict was great) and the growing popularity of MMO-like strategy titles like Company of Heroes Online, could we soon be seeing an online, persistent strategy game with the Assassin's Creed logo slapped on the box?

It certainly wouldn't be too big a leap for the franchise; both Assassin's Creed games take place with major armed conflicts raging around them, and the "virtual history" trick of the series means further historical settings could be whipped up should the need arise.

Other big properties like Halo have made the jump from action to strategy game; it shouldn't surprise anyone if Assassin's Creed follows suit.



    While i am not sure about the AC Universe moving into an RTS space, i loved everything that massive entertainment has ever made, with World in Conflict being one of my favourite games of all time - it was simply one of the only few games in my life that REQUIRED team communication and co-operation to win the game otherwise you would surely lose the match. I have never had so much fun playing pub games in any other game because everyone had to communicate with one another.

    At any rate - can't wait for more news on this.

    I was doubtful when AC was going to have MP added to it, but that worked out fine. Sort of.

    So I'd be really interested to see how (if) the AC franchise adds a RTS game to its growing list.

    The thing is, how could they make it without feeling like any medieval/renaissance/periodic RTS game and not feel like something with the same art design as AoE?

    There's a variety of ways, I guess, so I hope they make the effort to make it as unique as the other games generally have been.

    They perhaps will take it down the Dawn of War 2 route, focusing less on base building and more on strategic combat and micro.

    Who knows. But I'm already sold, fanboy-ishly enough.

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