Which Free Doritios Xbox Game Is The Cheesiest?

This year's Unlock Xbox contest has come down to two Doritos brand-inspired Xbox Live Arcade games: Doritos Crash Course and Harms Way. Which should win? Download the games for free today and cast your vote.

The Unlock Xbox competition started with a whole slew of Doritos game concepts. Those were narrowed down to ten, judges narrowed them down to eight, and those eight were voted down to three. Finally, two games were chosen to actually be produced.

The first, seen above, is Doritos Crash Course, and avatar-powered obstacle course game. The second, seen below, is Harms Way, a cooperative multiplayer vehicle shooter in which one person drives the car and the other mans a machine gun on top of it.

Which will win? That's pretty much up to you.

Both games are now available for free on Xbox Live Arcade. Gold subscribers can play through them, earning achievements along the way, and then vote for which one receives the grand prize: A $US50,000 game consulting gig with Doritos.

You can add Doritos Crash Course and Harms Way to your download queue right now on Xbox.com. Once you're done playing, hit up the poll on the Xbox dashboard to vote for your favourite.

Download 2 free games (earn achievements) and cast your vote for the best [Major Nelson]


    Anyone else have problems downloading Harms Way? I'm being told the offer has expired or its not available in my region (AUS). Crash Course downloaded fine... guess I'll be voting for Crash Course :)

      Yeah, I am having the same problem. I seem unable to find it on the marketplace.

    Harm's Way hasn't been released in Aus yet, only way to get it is creating a US account :)

    I think Harm's Way is visually better, but Crash Course has more lasting fun. TBH I was expecting some terrible games, but these aren't half bad.

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