Who Doesn’t Have A DS Now? Seriously!

Who Doesn’t Have A DS Now? Seriously!

Who Doesn’t Have A DS Now? Seriously!We just got word from Nintendo that they have now sold over 3 million DS units in Australia alone. Which has me wondering – who doesn’t have a bloody DS? And who is still buying these things?

But in all seriousness – the DS seemes to be en route towards being the biggest selling console in history. In fact, the only thing that could probably stop it at this point in the 3DS.

I would imagine that every gamer in Australia has a DS at this stage – some even more than one – so it begs the question. Who is still buying Nintendo DSs!


  • I actually don’t have one. My wife does, but I have only played it like… twice. Been tempted by the XL though, because though I am not even thirty, I have the eyes of … ahem… the XL’s target audience.

    If I’d been a bit younger when it came out, I’d have one. But these days I don’t spend any time on public transport (used to… a lot). So, if I can game, I’m at a desk at work with the consoles, or at home, with consoles and a PC. Does that make me weird?

    When I finish my degree I’ll probably branch out a little and try some handheld gaming.

  • I don’t.

    I’ve never owned a handheld…

    I’m just waiting for the 3ds before I buy anything.

    As to who’s buying them, you can find them cheap enough that if you’re desperate you can buy a second, put pokemon on it, and easily trade with yourself…

  • HA! Me. I’ve never had a DS. Also, I was kinda considering it, but then 3DS was announced, so screw it, not buying it anymore.

  • I suspect that as userbases go it probably skews the youngest of all the consoles on the market. Which means there’s a constant stream of little kids coming through who weren’t even born when the first DS was released, but are now receiving their own.

    Then there’s the older crowd, such as my wife, who never played games before but have got into it due to non-gamer friendly stuff like Brain Training.

  • I have a DS Lite… Black one. My Partner has a pink one.

    Can’t find a good enough reason to fork out the cask for an i or XL

  • I don’t have one! Must admit I am tempted though… My sister has one, and I bought her Phoenix Wright…. and it looks like fun! Might wait until the 3DS is out and stores are clearing out their DS stock though….

  • Well people who own DS’s might be buying them again as that’s the case for us. We’ve owned 3 DS lites so far and all 3 have issues (though 2 of them were bought at launch). Dead pixels, dodgy shoulder buttons (fixed under warrenty but the dodgy shoulder button came back later ><) and a crack on the hinge.

  • I have one of those sweet red Mario DS Lites. Same one as Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters.

    Didn’t care for DSi or XL.

    Might pick up a 3DS.

  • I have a few non-gamer friends that have them and never use them, only 1 gamer friend uses his. Though I was thinking about getting one for an older family member, they do enjoy the flash games on the net.

  • I don’t. I’m like Shane, last handheld I had was a gameboy. I tried hard to get into the DS, but it just didn’t work for me. Then I got my iPhone, and the only reason for getting a DS in my eyes (gaming on the go) is gone. I combined a phone and an iPod in one, which also has some good casual games.

    Otherwise my gaming is done in the ‘traditional’ fashion – on the couch. 😀

  • I don’t have one. My little sister does and from what I’ve seen I don’t see what’s so great about them.

    I use my iPod Touch as my handheld. :>

  • I haven’t got one either, I only got a handheld for Warhammer 40000 Squad Command and decided to go for a psp since it has more than that one game that I wanted

  • I bought a DS for the Zelda games (which ended up being kinda meh), but loved games like Chrono Trigger (I’d never played the original), the ubiquitous Pokemon entries, Professor Layton, Scribblenauts, etc.

  • I remember one day going to a friends house (they had 4 kids) 3 of them, girls had just gotten DS’ while the boy got a PSP

    I’ll tell you right now – that’s where DS sales are – multiple purchases for kids

    So far I’ve resisted getting a second one in the house and instead make the kids share (or failing that one can use my old GBA-SP) but the arrival of the 3DS may mean I have to change my stance!

  • I seriously don’t know anybody who doesn’t have one. Even my friends who aren’t gamers do! I rekon that there’s been a fair few sold as “upgrades” from the original, to lite, to dsi, to dsi xl. I still have my original launch day ds and see no reason to upgrade.

  • I have never owned ANY handheld console from Nintendo… (GameBoy, DS, etc)

    Did pick up a PSP though, still using that on some of the long trips home from work, about halfway through Ghost of Sparta.

    Harvey Birdman & Space Invader Extreme will be next on the rotation.

  • Sold my DSi XL (and got most of my money back even though I had it for a year, yay!)

    I figure since the 3DS can play DS games I can wait half a year to play them to get most of my money back on the DSi XL and put it towards the 3DS.

    I also got a PSP GO this year and I absolutely love it. I take it anywhere and fire up whatever the hell game I want because my whole collection is in my pocket. Love me some Wipeout on the go. I can see why people dislike it and hell, I dislike parts of it too. But that mainly comes from the AU PSN not being as robust as the US Store and isn’t necessarily a fault with the actual console.

    • So nice to see some PSPGo love. Happily playing some more Persona 3 Portable at the moment. My first nintendo handheld was a DS lite followed by a DSi. I would have loved a gameboy back in the day but it would have only even been good for pimping at primary school so I’m sure it would have been stolen quickly!

      Once the PSP rolled around I was years into a job where I had to use public transport hours a day so I jumped on that and shortly after that I got a DS too because handheld gaming in any form was a life saver for long trips.

  • I don’t. Was going to for Pokemon this year but just didnt. Got lazy.
    Then i saw the 3DS but I wont get that cause seems more like a gimmick with Nintendo these days and then the price will be extreme.

    I will got one eventually probably, but most likely a DS Lite, I want Advanc cartridges.

  • About 19 million other Aussies don’t have one.

    Someone had to.

    I for one don’t have one, I had a PSP once but I got over it after the GTA games on it came to PS2.

  • I don’t have one. I’ve not seen anything that I want to play on it. I have the PSP for media on the go, but I don’t use that for games either.

  • I don’t, but I NEED one for Golden Sun. It’s just I never had any must-have titles until now. You just never get around to stuff you want but aren’t priorities.

  • I don’t. i gave mine away to my cousin cause i wasn’t using it. Fun system, but such a time waster for someone my age.

  • Having worked in video game retail, I couldn’t count the number of parents who came in looking to buy a new DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSiXL because their children had broken/lost/wanted to upgrade from their old one.

    I remember at least one parent who traded in an original DS for the DS Lite. Replaced the DS Lite about 6 months later because the child had broken it. Traded the DS Lite in towards a DSi when they released. Brought another DSi another 7 or so months later when the child had lost it. Traded the DSi towards a DSi XL when they came out. And then brought a DSi XL for herself and her other child. That’s 8 DS consoles brought by one person. Redonkulous I tell you!

  • I don’t have one either. I have 2 Xbox360’s, a PS3, an iTouch 3G and iPhone 4, but don’t have a DS of any model. I was tempted but I just have too many Xbox 360 games that are uncompleted and even great iOS games I haven’t gotten through, to add another system. There are probably some amazing games for it that out-do my other games but not worth paying several hundred for.

  • Have 3

    -DS Phat (Day one purchase)

    -DS Lite in white (Day one purchase)

    -DS Lite Red/Black (after the white was so thoroughly abused and I felt like a seachange)

    And… will probably be getting a 3DS on day one too 🙂

  • i would have never have got a DS if it weren’t for my friends getting me one for my birthday, and i love the thing! sure it doesn’t have fancy graphics, but it still has some great games! and i only recently bought a psp, and so far, the games lineup isn’t as good as the ds’s… but hey, i’ve only played a few psp games, and some i have played are fantastic (little big planet, peacewalker). but sadly i have to repair the psp, as the joystick has broken (serves me right for buying a pre-owned psp 1000 :P)

  • I’ve got a DS fat, never upgraded it as the lite came out too soon to justify getting it and the DSi got rid of the GBA slot. I will get the 3DS though.

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