Who Is Hunting Batman In Arkham City?

In Arkham Asylum Batman hunted down an assortment of Gotham City's most violent criminals. In Arkham City, someone is hunting Batman.

Or at least they're trying to hunt Batman. As this new teaser trailer for Arkham City demonstrates, hunting the Dark Knight is never a good idea, and generally leads to high-velocity fists in places you'd prefer they'd not be.

Mind you this is an MSN vid, so there might be a commercial for Canada or something before the teaser runs. Do not mistake Canada for Batman. Canada hates when you do that.

The teaser is a sort of lead-in to this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards, where new footage of Batman: Arkham City is expected to air. The game was first revealed during last year's show.

So who is hunting Batman?


    Spoiler: It's classic villain Dr Hugo Strange!

    Does anyone else think that above screen grab looks a lot like George Clooney in the bat mask?

    Was this done in CG or live action, not quite too sure

    Could be Black Mask... his goons wore high tech visors.

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