Why The Wii Cooled Off

Why The Wii Cooled Off

Remember when the Wii was the hottest thing? It’s cooled off and the people at National Public Radio needed to figure out why. I tried to help, but it was a lady named Elizabeth Bewley who made the best point.

The 57-year-old Arizona woman had enjoyed her Wii and Wii Fit the way so many people who would otherwise never buy a video game machine did in the past few years.

NPR’s Marketplace explains:

She and her husband started playing every night for at least an hour. After six months, they got tired of the workouts, so Bewley figured she’d just get a new disc for Christmas.

Bewley: But we were really disappointed because all the ones I saw are really like video games.

Did she just nail it?

Look, there are gamers who complain that the Wii doesn’t have good games on it anymore. I disagree with them. I played my Wii plenty in 2010. I happily played Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Endless Ocean 2, Red Steel 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Art-Style Light Trax, Art-Style Rotozoa, Frobot, Fluidity, Sin & Punishment 2, Bit.Trip Runner, Max and the Magic Marker, Thruspace… and… those are all games that “are rally like video games”.

Wii Fit wasn’t like a video game. Wii Sports and Wii Music – even Activision and MTV’s Guitar Hero and Rock Band – all could have been mistaken for being something other than video games. What did Nintendo make for the Elizabeth Bewley’s this year? (Aside from Metroid Other: M.) Wii Party, I guess.

Who’s excited about Zelda: Skyward Sword next year? Me. Maybe you. Elizabeth Bewley? I doubt it.

Nintendo’s Wii is already outdated [NPR]


  • It’s pretty damn obvious the console’s novelty factor and weak technical specs was going to give it a short life. I’ve bought the big releases for the Wii, all the Mario games and the highly recommended stuff like Zak and Wiki, but the console has slowly slipped out of circulation in our house and ended up in my daughters room where she uses it for My Sims games.

    With game time at a premium for most people who love games i think they’d rather be playing the big budget epics rather than games with dated graphics and fidgety motion controls. It was too little too late from Nintendo serving the core gamers. And like the article says the pendulum has swung away from the casual gamers just now and they’re not going to hang around for it to swing back.

    I think Nintendo were blown away by how successful the Wii was and didn’t have a long term plan ready to keep it afloat.

    • No I think there gameplan is right on track.. They did what they wanted with the Wii, they took back the number one crown, sold a shitload, made a shitload, helped forge a new path for gaming.. You can knock the graphics and motion controls, but there are a lot of games that did it right and those games were as hell as fun to play as any other epic on a HD console.

      That being said I think what we are going to see is the announcement of their new console very soon. MS/Sony have no plans to update their consoles at this time, they only just got motion controls going and spent a fortune on R&D and much higher priced parts to begin with (not to mention all the RROD issues, RIP my dead 360s..). They are in a good position to launch a new console in the next 1-2 years and start there sales kick off again.

      That being said, im not phased if they dont.. Between my PC this next year and the 3DS, I think ill be all gamed out.

  • Im finding the current Wii advertising blitz on tv amusing.
    Theyre obviously competing with Kinect.
    It shows the token family standing in front of the tv playing party games consisting of. . . shaking the controller as fast as you can.
    The next game. . . shake the controller as fast as you can.
    The next game. . . shake the controller as fast as you can.
    Maybe, after all this time, people are actually starting to catch on to how shallow the Wii is?

  • It’s so obvious, Nintendo rely on gimmicks and people don’t want to play shitty motion control gimmick games with N64 graphics.

  • Nintendo captured the casual market with accessibility and unintimidating graphics.
    They broke into an untapped market but at the same time losing dedicated long-term fans in the process.

    Remember, Nintendo had the best graphics of the previous generation and focused on hardcore gamers with a solid lineup, yet the cube struggled.

    The Wii is a response to that and the success of the DS.

    Both Sony and Microsoft have attempted to replicate this feat, first with the sixaxis, then the move and kinect with the benefit of several years experience.

    I don’t think anyone would be surprised if nintendo announced tomorrow they were developing a new console. However, the wii downturn still doesn’t put it significantly behind either of the other consoles.

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