WikiLeaks' Next Scandal Is...A Halo 2 Collaboration

It seems like an age ago, but the whole WikiLeaks furore kicked off earlier this year with footage of American forces shooting Iraqi civilians. The offending chopper pilots were accused, appropriately, of behaving like they were playing a video game.

San Francisco artist Sandwich takes this accusation and runs with it, overlaying stills from the disturbing footage with the heads-up display from Halo 2 as "a commentary on the soldiers featured in the video, whose impatience while waiting for orders to open fire displayed an utter contempt for human life, as well as modern warfare in general".

More WikiLeaks Street Art Going Up on Valencia [Uptown Almanac]


    This... doesn't seem to make sense. They've taken footage from a helicopter and overlayed the HUD and weapon from Halo?

    So it looks like the Master chief is magically floating and circling around these people?

    I saw the tumbnail and thought "shit Halo 2 had some good graphics" oops...

    That's Halo 3...

      yeh. halo 2 didnt have the assault rifle.

    Doesn't look like he's using any ammo.

    Hey, he's using a Halo Fly Hack.

    Yeah its wrong to shoot insurgents who have guns.....

      They were civilians and two of them were journalists, all unarmed and killed.

        Sorry dude, thats wrong. Go read the account of the first responders, they found and RPG and a few AKs there.

        Yes, there were civilians, and there were journalists, but there were also armed insurgents and they were keeping pace with a US patrol over block over and checking on them at each corner.

        Go look at the whole video, it was edited in such a way that it was rather misleading. The only thing that can be taken from this as the pilots were treating this too much as a game (which is a trained defense mechanism) and that training should probably be looked at to minimize this.

          And yet it's still okay to shoot at unarmed civilians? Possible insurgents that don't pose a threat? People trying to rescue the wounded?

          IMO the better course of action would have been for ground troops to go in and assess the situation and the gunship act as overwatch.

    I get what he's saying and everything... but that's a half arsed effort.

    Step 1: FIND A GUNSHIP HUD! It's not that hard, lots of games have them. Hell doesn't Halo have one for the Wraiths?

    Step 2: Put it in the photo at the same god damm resolution. Hell just chuck a weak gasiun blur over the gun atleast.

    Step 3: What the hell is going on with the angles. Look at the third picture down on the left. What the hell? Who looked at that and thought "Yeah that works"

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