Will The PSP2 Look Like This?

Note these images are not from Sony. They're mock-ups. But since they're mock-ups of an image that claims to be of a real PSP2, they're still worth looking at!

These pics formed part of a recent news article in PSM3 magazine, speculating on both the PSP2 and (still unofficial) PlayStation Phone.

Taking the blurry, x-rayified pics first published on VG247 as a foundation, they've whipped up a pair of images that show the rumoured handheld in all its rumoured glory.

How close these shots come to the final product we won't know until we get our first official look at the PlayStation Portable's successor. But until that time, it's nice looking at a PSP with two thumbsticks!

[PSM3, via GameTrailers]


    I think Sony will stick to their format of having the analogues below the cross and buttons.

    Also, isn't it gonna have dual touch screens? More rumours, I guess.

      This mock-up DOES have dual touch screens.

      As for the sticks, they make so much more sense in this improved configuration; reaching them below the buttons would be much more difficult.

    This is going to be awesome for FPS. Can't freaking wait.

      Agreed - maybe some will have a control setup where you move the camera with the touchpad, independent of the aiming with the right analog stick. I would love to see that.

    I just want a PSP2... is that too much to ask?

    As long as it has deep connectivity with the PS3, allows you to play original PSP games (UMD would be fantastic, but even I don't hold any hope for that, assume downloadable only) and lastly some form of trophy support also.

    I would hope these are 'givens' when they decided to make a successor so it should be a no brainer, also keeping pretty much all the current PSP features and I'll be all over it.

    Can they get rid of any gloss shine finishing.. One thing I hate about the PSP2000 onwards. They hold fingerprints & don't look good in the real world without being treated like a museum piece.

    & I'd prefer a flip up lid like the DS has to give a bit more scratch protection for the screen when not in use.

    Please don't make me download the games.. Optical media FTW!

      Yeah. Screw iPods, let's all carry our thousands of CD albums everywhere we go like a bunch of cavemen.

        I find your lack of media disturbing.

        Seriously, didn't these guys learn anything from the PSP Go?

    Hopefully the final or a later version of the PSP2 won't have this sort of PSPgo form factor, I've personally never been a fan of playing games on it, and the lack of physical media saddens me.

      I can't imagine there wouldn't be physical media after the failure of the PSP Go. Personally I like the fact I don't have to carry around useless bits of plastic with me to play a game, but they need to reduce the price of games on the Playstation store, and do something so that Sony don't have a monopoly on games sales. Needs to be some competition, so we aren't forced to pay $60 for a new release. Maybe if sony sold download codes to stores at a cost price (whatever that may be) then said stores onsold those download codes to consumers so there would be some competitive pricing and also allow for discounting and sales etc.

    Looks okay. Some improvements though.

    -Minimise that bezel.

    -Go all matte. No glossy shit.

    -No 'sunk in' controls, makes it hard to thumb. Bring them to the forefront.

    Stupid move moving the analogs, dpad and buttons...

    Hope the actual device looks a bit more modern. Looks too much like psp go.

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