WIN! An iPad Courtesy Of Gameloft

Gameloft, to celebrate the release of N.O.V.A. 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, has given us an iPad, two Nova Figurines and seven copies of the game to giveaway!

N.O.V.A. 2 focuses on the story of retired marine Kal Warden, who is forced back into the field to defend humanity from an unknown yet deadly enemy.

All you have to do to enter is look at the pic of main character Kal Warden below and answer this simple question…

What is missing from Kal Warden's outfit?

In order to be in the running for the prizes all you have to do is either follow both @kot_au and @gameloft_aus and write your answer to the question in this format:

SAMPLE ANSWER: Kal is missing a Michael Jackson Afro Wig @Kot_au & @Gameloft_aus

Alternatively you can enter on Facebook by liking both the Kotaku page and the Gameloft page, and leaving the answer to the question as a comment on the front page here.

- The funniest entry receives an iPad - Two runners-up will receive a Kal Warden Figurine - A further seven runners up will receive a copy of the game.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    What's with all the Facebook and Twitter competitions lately? Boo!

    I still adamantly refuse to join either social networking site.

      I like the prizes so I guess I will have a crack at this but agree. I have both twitter and fb and use neither. I just see these type comps as a shameless ploy to get access to mrs friends via social networking via the like and or follow system.

      I see where they are trying to get with this strategy but just makes me feel like a tool being used for advertising. Now I know it is my choice not to enter so if I felt so strongly about it then just don't enter the comp. The prizes are worth it so I will enter but given the strength of the gaming community around here ( I have more Internet friends here than in either social network) why not have a litany based comp.

      I mean surely we are your target market rather than a bun h of people I went to primary school with!

      I just enjoyed competing with the guys around here so much more.

      Hey mark. Is this controlled as part of the conditions of the prizes. I assume it is.

      Oh well. Bout time there was a comp so good luck all. I just hope this is not the norm from now on. If so I may just set up an account for competitions with no friends just for this.

        Fair points - this was part of the terms and conditions for being able to get these prizes.

        But based on the feedback from this one and the last, maybe we'll make this the last facebook/twitter comp.

          Hey, im having a sickie also! we are so cool! You are sick and I had 2-3 hours sleep with a 2yo!!

          Anyway, thanks mate. Look, I should thank gameloft for making these prizes available as they are prety sweet. I get worried that I am just being too picky. I mean I would do much worse things, dirty nasty things for an ipad... so why complain. I mean it is free! But my points remain the same, just not a fan of this.

          Also, you will prob find many spend way too much time on this site while at work, a place where the likes of twitter and FB are more often than not banned. As a result, a number of us may be excluded from these (similar to the redeem code give aways a whie back.

          Thanks as always for listing to us mate. Appreciated.

            Ironically it's the opposite at my uni; they allow FB/Twitter, but block Kotaku. Go figure.

          If that's the way that you can get the prizes, by all means don't let my minor grumblings impact upon others and their prospects of freebies. Even though they aren't really free, but rather payed for with personal information...

          I'm sure that the antisocial mysanthropic elements of the community (like me) would rather appreciate a break from social network contests

          I like that... although I'm afraid that saying so might undermine the whole anti-FB thing ;)

    Hey, I really wanted a photoshop comp... so it made it into one!!

    Here is my entry.. my comment is not that funny, but love the pic. Not bad for a few minutes work huh?

    Me and Kal are missing the same stuff! A parachute, a facebook account, a twitter account and an iPad.

    Bookface, Nitwit can go to hell I also refuse to publicly proclaim to the world all my private details.

    You have to have a hole in the head to simply give your information away like that.

    just a heads up, theres an error in the T&C, it says first prize is apple ipod, not ipad :P

    A sack full of presents for me, including an iPad to put under the tree!

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