Win! Three ATI Radeon Graphics Cards!

Thanks to EA, ATI and Medal of Honor, we're giving you the chance to win one of three ATI Radeon HD5770 graphics cards. How do you enter? Well you asked for a photoshop competition, and now you're going to get one...

This competition is all about Medal of Honor, and how this new graphics card will help enhance your gaming experience. To enter we want you to take a picture of yourself, and photoshop the best 'War Beard' possible onto it, and then either post the entry in the comments below, or email it to me.

Pretty simple - make sure you send the entry in before midnight December 23. Terms and conditions can be found here.

As a frame of reference - this is a war beard.


    Haha, nice. Except for the part where I take a photo of myself.

      It's ok.. this isn;t like any other internet website where you take photos of yourself in exchange for stuff..

      ... this one you get to keep your clothes on*

      *not mandatory

      Yeah, we'll see how this goes - I'm gonna have to get pretty drunk to take a photo of myself...

    So not happy that I shaved my beard off last week for a bloody meeting. I guess my shorter beard will allow for a "canvas" to start on :)

    This comp sounds cool...

    BTW when are you going to tell us who won the iPad?
    The competition has closed, hasn't it?
    The T&Cs said it closed on Tuesday night and the entries were judged on Wednesday morning, but Gameloft put on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon that yesterday was the last day to enter the competition...
    So, did you judge the entries this morning then?

      Announcement tomorrow!

        *bites fingernails*

          There was an ipad comp??? Wish I knew about that one! But I will be entering this one :D

    Awww man, you couldnt have done this last year when I wouldnt have had to photoshop a "Warbeard" onto myself would ya? /gurgles..

    Will this require the Kotaku logo to be present in the photo like previous competitions?

    my graphics card is not holding up very well at the moment, so this is a great chance to get a new one!

    can we get some more comps that were just like 150 words about X in the comments box? photoshop comps although produce some cool photos to show feel kind of exclusive as a certain group of people on the site have a big advantage over the others just because they have better software.

      I was thinking the same thing. However I did still enter this competition just before, it may or may not have involved a sock taped to my face.

      You could download the 30 day trial of Photoshop, or use the free online version: . There's also a site called that looks like it does the same thing.

      @Googootz: The software isn't the bottleneck here; There's a plethora of free Photoshop alternatives (G.I.M.P being one of the more famous ones) that allow you to create the same quality images.

      I think you're referring to the fact that not everybody is good a Photo Manipulation, which is a fair point. It's also true however that the same could be said for writing - not everybody's good at that either.

    how do i post a pic here???

    If mine even ends up only under the entrants section I will be happy.

    Ermm sorry not this time not posting picture of myself with a beard on the Internet especially after all our account data has been compromised

      The Australian site was not compromised, we are not part of that.

    I doubt a girl would look good with a beard, let alone a war beard :\

      I emailed mine to Mark.
      Don't think I'll share it here until the moment of winners announced :P

    Dammit I trimmed down to stubble just yesterday!

    I'm Filipino and incapable of growing a beard. Furthermore, the shape of my face is unsuitable for beards. I call discrimination and racism to this contest!!


    But seriously, I'll try my best.



          Heer heer?


              actually i think it's hear hear

                but i'm not that sure... so i think it's um


    But, I've already got a beard.

    Don't really have a use for the graphics card but I might do this anyway just for giggles.

    All the folks too lazy to shave after Movember have instant advantage.

    BTW, what do the rules say about people who pretty much already have a war beard going? Do they have to 'shop a beard onto their beard, or would a straight photo win them prizes? :)

      Yo dawg, we heard you like beards so...

        Hahaha, I actually spat some coffee out reading this...

        So... when do we find out who the winners are?? The suspense is KILLING ME!

    Hey Serrelicious, can I use an old photo that is actually decent, or do I have to take a new one that will look stupid?

      Whatever you think works best mate!

        Schweet, cheers brah.

        Ok, I never said that, that would be stupid and lame.

    Can I please clarify, will the requirements for a Kotaku logo not photoshopped be in this one, otherwise, people can just submit an image they see online. I also liked this part of the comp to see the creative ways people worked in the logo?

    Is this still a requirement Marky-Mark?

    my first entry,

    my second entry i would like to thank my brother in law chris for the loan of his awesome warbeard....

    and my last entry, good luck to all who enter, this is gonna be fun!!!

    Please Mark, put me out of my misery! Who won the cards?

      Has this already been announced?? Did I miss it?

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