World Of Warcraft Is A Pusher, Targeting Lapsed, Weak Gamers

With its latest expansion Cataclysm having been out for a few days now, the hardcore World of Warcraft players have already bought it and are exploring its many changes. Those who haven't, you are being tempted by free game time.

Anyone who has bought either of the game's last two expansions - Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King - is being offered ten free days spent with Cataclysm, during which time you have the option of playing as a Goblin or Wargen, the two new races added in the exmapsion. Those above Level 78 can also, during those 10 days, check out Cataclysm's new high-level zones as well.

Once the ten days are up, you have to pay $US40, same as everyone else. God it's terrifying seeing the money-making habits of Blizzard and heroin dealers appear so indistinguishable.


    You have to be level 80 to go to the new zones.

    A little strong on the WoW hate here aren't we?. I'd really like a bit more of an explanation on the comparison between a smart marketing move of a video game and the actions of a scumbag drug dealer pushing a poison that kills its users. Maybe let someone that doesn't show their hate so openly report on future WoW news from now on Kotaku.

      I love WoW as much as the next player, but don't be naive. Blizzard's obviously pushing a potentially addictive habit on people through incentives like Recruit a Friend, Trial accounts and this. It's in their interest to do so, but it's still rather brazen.

      You can also blame the rampant gold spamming on Blizzard shoving Trial Account keys into pretty much everything these days.

      See post below.

    As an ex wow addict of sorts, it's a fair cop for Blizzard's actions.

    The game is addictive at the cost of people's lives. I spent way too much time on wow, and had to quit cold turkey a couple of times before I finally got away from the game.

    With the money I save on subscription, I spend on other games from steam and still get to enjoy my real life. No more hoping around the bank top in Ogrimmar waiting for raids to happen.

      With the money thing, i'm the opposite sorta. The money i spend on subscription saves me from spending more on tonnes more games to keep me busy.

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