Xbox LIVE Deals Will Bleed You Dry

There's a very good chance that the extensive Steam deals have rendered you homeless, starving and wearing newspapers for pants, but on the off chance that you still have some dosh left, you might want to direct yourself to some of the deals kicking off on the Xbox LIVE marketplace in the lead up to New Year.

As detailed on Major Nelson's blog, here are some of the deals. Some are for today only, and others will remain until the New Year.

Today Only

Red Dead Redemption Game Add-ons

Liars & Cheats Normal Price:800 Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Legends & Killers Pack Normal Price: 800 Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Undead Nightmare Normal Price: 800 Discounted Price: 600 Savings: 25% Undead Nightmare Collection Normal Price: 1600 Discounted Price: 1200 Savings: 25%

Until December 31 Super Meat Boy Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33% Comic Jumper Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33% Toy Soldiers Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33% Banjo Tooie Discounted Price: 600 Savings: 50% Castle Crashers Discounted Price: 600 Savings: 50% The UnderGarden Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Risk Factions Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Afterburner Climax Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Borderland's Claptrap New Revolution Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50% Carcassonne Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%

Super Meat Boy is the one that leaps out at me, back to its discount price of 800 points. If you haven't already picked it up on Steam, we'd recommend getting your filthy paws on this game of the year contender.


    Awww i want risk factions!!!

    Why can't they make the cards cheaper too! lol

      OOO this reminds me - can anyone tell me if the British MS points cards work on the Australian Live acounts - or do you cop penalties/bans for using them?

      Also, if i get any xmas money i'll more than likely be FINALLY buying a 12 month gold account from - so hopefully i'll be seeing more of you online and also making Fatshady content :P

        Chuloopa, I don't believe points cards work across countries, bar when they're part of the same region.

        eg Australian points card is identical to an NZ points card, works on either account.

        You definately won't get banned or anything like that, the code just simply wouldn't work. However I'm pretty sure that the UK points will work on an aussie account. There are three seperate regions for the point cards, Europe (which I beleive we are included in), US, and Canadian.

          Denaz, I'm pretty sure Australasia is a different region to Europe.

          I'm sure I've read the fine print on the back of a card, and it just covers Australia&NZ.

            Yeah I'm definately not 100% on it. But for the life of me, I can't find a straight answer! lol

              Cheers for the help, guys :)

      Such a good game.

      If you get it i'd be up for some multi

      Now that would be nice. Sell the points at a discounted price so I can choose what to buy myself.

    Hm, time to jump on the Super Meat Boy and Castle Crashers bandwagons, me thinks.

    If you haven't all ready downloaded Carcassone you should give yourself a damn good spanking immediately.

    I'll have to attempt to get the online working again on the 360, can get everything else to run off the router, just not the 360 for some reason...

      It's not a D-Link DSL 2730B is it? - I just got one and had the same issue - a firmware update I found after searching the forums fixed mine right up...

        nah... it's a Netgear, the stupid thing is that I went from a Netgear to a newer Netgear, the only real difference is that the new one has N Wireless capability.

        All the settings were basically unchanged and it just doesn't want to play.

    Because, then microsoft won't make a profit from bleeding you dry for charging people for every little tiny attachment that breaks after you take them out of the box.


    You knew that Super Meat Boy was going to go back down to 800 ms points, but NOOOO Hinden, you had to go and buy it last week for 1200 points.

    You suck Hinden.


    I hate myself...

    hydrophobia and toy soldiers both dropped to 800 now, im gonna have to buy them :D

      Isn't there a plus version of Hydro happening you need to wait for?

        The Plus versions a patch, the games dropped to 800ms points, so im guessing that it's hit.
        if so, it's a really good game, i caved and bought that and toy soldiers, can reccomend both :D

    awesome. was gonna buy banjo tooie in the coming days, but waited to see if it would be on sale. Surprise surprise it is!

    You make newspaper pants sound like a bad thing!
    They can be roomy, breezy, they don't chafe, and newspaper is too weak to make a million tiny paper cuts... don't knock it till you try it.

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