Xbox Live Rewards For US And UK Only


    I don't really understand why Microsoft bothered launching Xbox Live anywhere other than the US and UK, they never release any of the decent features anywhere else. It's even false advertising when the website advertises features that don't exist in Australia.

    I agree, this kind of stuff really grinds my gears.
    And we still have to pay just as much for Live as UK or US users. What gives?

    Solution don't play xbox most games a cross platform anyways, except unless your playing Halo in which only god can help you with giving you the gift of an aneurysm.

    AKA we'll never see it, just like 1vs100 and indie games.

    MS ignores everyone outside of the US and UK is about as surprising as Sony ignoring everyone outside of the US ans Japan.

    This always happens.

    Once again, Australia is screwed over when it comes to Xbox Live. Just like Voice Control for Kinect, 1 vs 100, Indie Games and the like.

    Oh yeah? Well we'll go build our own rewards program! With blackjack! And hookers!

    In fact, forget the rewards program and the blackjack!

    There's not enough of us Aussies for MS to really be worried about doing anything NICE for...

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