Xbox Live Rewards Gives You "Money" For Nothing

Microsoft's "Xbox Live Rewards" program, which began testing over a year ago, looks set to finally be about to open to the public, with a page turning up on devoted to the service.

The program essentially rewards users for spending money on Xbox Live, giving out Microsoft Points and other freebies for doing things like renewing Xbox Live subscriptions and purchasing content on the various Xbox Live Marketplaces.

You can see an example chart below; we don't know much more specific stuff, because while this welcome page is active, any attempts to login and access further content or information are met with dead links.

One possibility we've noticed, though, is that the free points you accrue may not be simply deposited into your account, leaving you free to buy the stuff of your choosing. Instead, the rewards listing seems to suggest that you might be limited to choosing from a pre-determined selection of content instead of buying anything you want.

We'll check in with Microsoft regarding that (and the program as a whole), and will update if we hear back.

Xbox Live Rewards [Microsoft, via Xbox 360 Digest]


    Is it retroactive? I'm thinking not.

      If only

    A pre-determined list of crap I don't want or need.

      You never know, it could be an entire list of avatar zombie massage games, everybody would want that, amirite?

    Anything that lists "Cool Prizes" as a reward is annoying. Period.

    Better than nothing.


      Could this be anything to do with the points refund/reward offer last month?

    "here we'll give you some free stuff just for being on Xbox Live, its not much but hey it's something"

    *bitch, moan, bitch, moan*

      Here you can have a piece of my penis for posting on Kotaku. It's not much but hey it's usable/something.

    I'll be expecting a big list of DLC for games that I don't have.

    Isn't this like all promo stuff and restricted to US and UK?

      According to the FAQs, yeah.

    But I think the main question people have been waiting to ask is this...

    Do we also get our chicks for free? Or must we jump through some other hoops for that?

    The web page in question mentions Sky TV so it seems like it's centred on the UK

    Soooooo is it available to australia too??

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