You Will Soon Be Able To "Play" Gran Turismo 5 From Your Computer

One of Gran Turismo 5's more hardcore features is the game's "B-Spec" mode, which lets you manage a car race instead of driving one. Soon, this feature will be coming to a PC (or Mac!) near you.

Since all you're doing in B-Spec mode is issuing basic commands like "enter the pits" or "overtake that guy", you don't really need the power of a PS3 to get things done. And since some of the races in B-Spec mode can go forever, it's a big ask to have you sitting in front of a console the entire time instead of doing something more productive.

To that end, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has said that the ability to monitor a B-Spec race from a web browser will be implemented in the game "early next year", and that he's "sorry to keep you waiting".

It's not the first time Yamauchi has taken to Twitter to promise new or improved features for the game, and it probably won't be the last, either.

[Kaz_Yamauchi @ Twitter]


    Kaz “sorry to keep you waiting” Yamauchi

    I was wondering where this feature was, I remember reading about it earlier in the year.

    What ever happened to the fast forward feature that was in GT4? That was great for B-Spec races, ESPECIALLY endurance ones

    I want this feature, but at the same time I don't...

    This will distract me from actual work and no doubt eventally get me in trouble down the line! lol

    'you don’t really need the power of a PS3 to get things done."

    Not to rain on anyone's parade, but my laptop PC is more powerful than my PS3, thanks all the same. This should be an interesting feature, but I don't think that the B Spec portion of the game is as well fleshed out as it could be. Other than that I do love GT5, and I hope that they will polish up some of the other car and track models as time goes on.

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