2011… ACTIVATE! Ocarina Of Time

2011… ACTIVATE! Ocarina Of Time

2011… ACTIVATE! Ocarina Of TimeGo away 2010. You were rubbish. It’s now all about 2011, and the games we can’t wait to play. That’s why throughout the first couple of weeks of January I’m going to be going through some of the games I’m most looking forward to in the coming year. Today we’re looking back, and forward, to Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time Zelda fans – like me – will happily waste hours discussing the greatest Zelda games and the order of their greatness. Zelda purists may prefer the original; hipsters will choose the underrated and underplayed Majora’s Mask. Despite the irritating Tri-Force fetch quest plenty still love the seemingly timeless charm of Wind Waker – personally I’ve always had a special spot in my black heart for A Link to the Past.

But I’d wager that the majority of Zelda would choose the legendary Ocarina of Time.

Ocarine of Time is the best game ever made in the same way that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the best album ever made. It’s a landmark, the kind of game you salute and pay homage to – if not necessarily play. In that sense it’s more than a game, it’s a legitimate piece of history.

Upon its release, genuinely – universally – Ocarina of Time was the greatest game ever made. It was polished, epic in its scope yet simple and heartbreaking. Critics who criticise Zelda for its traditional structure may as well take the piss out of Shakespeare for using iambic pentameter or writing sonnets – it has that structural integrity for a reason. It’s a trope that, in being endlessly retold, gains significance. It’s what you do within that framework that matters.

But, despite this, the major reason I’m so excited about replaying Ocarina of Time is the fact that the original has dated so poorly. Whereas Wind Waker will sit alongside games like Yoshi’s Island as a pristine example of timeless art design, in its original form Ocarina of Time looks and feels a little clunky. In short – it needs a remake.

It may be an old game – I may have already played through it a number of times – but still, I can’t help but anticipate playing through it one more time in a new context, from a new perspective. I keep thinking about the moments I want to re-experience – the final battle, getting the Ocarina for the first time, blasting over the hedge into Hyrule Field with Epona.

Ocarina of Time is the definition of classic, and you must play/replay this game.


    • You can, kinda. Ocarina of Time was released on the Gamecube as limited edtition disc with both Mario Kart and Wind Waker, being on a Gamecube disc of course means it can be played on the Wii, playing it on a Wii means you can use component cables so it does look *better* than playing it via composite on the N64 but still, would prefer a full HD remake.

  • Wind Waker’s my favourite.
    That said, when I get a 3DS (I’ll wait for the ‘lite’ or equivalent version, thanks) Ocarina of Time is pretty close to top of my game wishlist.

        • I missed out on that too, I would love a zelda remake, though I’m not sure if I could buy a 3DS solely for that. I’m also a little hesitant about the idea of playing it on a DS system at all. I don’t mind the DS for some games, but I’m not sure if you could make it control as well as a game I’ve played with a controller.

  • Hoping they’ll do a Majora’s Mask remake, that’s easily my favourite Zelda game of all time.

    But I am tempted just to buy a 3DS for this game alone.

  • Wind Waker is my favourite and I have continually stated that I would love a Wii-Make which added a couple of more temples, widescreen and waggle. I loved the style, I loved just cruising the oceans finding lonely little islands and the storyline was superb!

    I’m looking forward to Ocarina of Time 3D (they should name it 4D because Time is the 4th dimension!) even though I have played the original multiple times and even bought it on Wii VC just for the slight resolution upgrade! I just hope that I can remember how to get through that damn water temple, although I’m hoping that switching between lead boots will be a lot quicker with a touch screen.

    • You would want waggle tacked on to OoT?!?!? Are you some kind of nefarious demon? Waggle is the single worst thing about the Wii – it’s far to inaccurate and troublesome for most of the uses it is employed for (DKCR, anyone?). While it was a novelty in Twilight Princess, I found that what Link did and what I wanted Link to do were only occasionally the same thing…

      • No, I want it added to Wind Waker!

        Maybe not the sword waggle but aiming arrows with the remote is superior to the analogue stick. I can’t remember having much trouble controlling Twilight Princess.

  • Nonone likes TP here? Wow.
    I have always loved the latest released zelda game more than the one before it,
    I don’t know why that is though but I think it’s to do with the evolution of the series:) making them better and better.
    I LOVED OoT but nothing beats Twilight Princess’ scale and gameplay. Heck most of the people buying this are going to buy this for Noatalgia sake only….including me…:p

  • I have 5 copies of Ocarina of Time. Grey N64 cart, gold N64 cart, Ocarina of Time & Master Quest on GC, Zelda Collection on CG, and the Wii VC download. I have 3 of LoZ, 4 of Zelda II, 3 of LttP, 3 Majora’s Mask, 2 of Twilight Princess and 2 of Link’s Awakening. The rest I just have the once… I’ll be buying a 3DS for this…

    • I totally expected this post to lead to a ‘not buying another copy of the game’ punchline, but got the opposite! Hahahaha!

  • I hope there’s no blowing into the microphone to play the ocarina. Doing that for the flute in the DS games was a little tricky to do discreetly while sitting on public transport.

      • I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass but Spirit Tracks I made it to the final boss fight, died, then threw the game onto the pile of shame in frustration.

      • They weren’t bad, but they certainly didn’t live up to the Zelda pedigree. The only difficult thing in Spirit Tracks turned out to be a user error in not seeing a symbol door 😛

  • Link the the Past was the first Zelda game I finished, well its GBA port. I never owned a N64 but loved going to a friends house and playing OoT even though I was too young to understand it I just ran around hitting things and fishing.

    Sadly I’ve only ever finished two Zelda games (Phantom Hourglass so I look foward to being able to complete OoT. And then hope they re-release Oracle of Seasons and Time.
    (P.S Go to last dungeon/Ganon in TP before stopping cause I didnt want it to end >.<)

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