85-Year-Old Man Can Crush Us All In Wii Sports Bowling

85-Year-Old Man Can Crush Us All In Wii Sports Bowling

He has bowled more than 2800 perfect games in Wii Sports bowling, which makes 85-year-old John Bates a world record holder. Impressive, sir.

The newest video game edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records recognises Wisconsin-based Bates as the holder of the record for “Most Perfect Scores Achieved on Wii Sports Bowling” according to Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper. A perfect game in bowling is a game that consists entirely of strikes.

The paper reports that Bates is already up to 3200 perfect games, though he’s being careful not to binge by limiting himself to no more than 21 games a day.

We all knew that the Wii was popular with elderly people, but who knew that the old folks could be so good at it?

Wii is a perfect fit for octagenarian [Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune]


      • I have to agree with Mark. Wii Bowling may only be simple, but only as much as Tetris, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong (And that’s had a documentary!). Not to mention, it’s just good, simple fun, something which a lot of recent games don’t have.

        So my hat’s off to you Mr Bates. Hoping I can be rocking some gaming world records when I’m your age. =)

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