A Look At Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ New Map Pack, Due Feb 1

A Look At Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ New Map Pack, Due Feb 1

Zip-lines, collapsing ice bridges and auto-turrets are all coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer next month, if you game on an Xbox 360.

Due out on the Xbox 360 on February 1, and one day the PlayStation 3 and PC, the First Strike map pack will include four new mulitplayer maps and a zombie map for 1200 Microsoft Points, or about $US15.

The maps will each offer a unique twist to the always addictive gameplay of Black Ops.

Kowloon, inspired by the Hong Kong mission found in the game’s singleplayer campaign, was rebuilt specifically for multiplayer matches, according to Treyarch. The game is packed with layers of rooftops and hiding spots and includes a zip-line that will let you quickly sweep between spots on the map, but do so without access to your weapons.

Discovery is a map set in an antarctic research station, a station that happens to be evenly divided by a deep chasm. Fortunately there’s a single ice bridge connecting the sides, a bridge that can be collapsed.

Berlin Wall has you playing in East and West Berlin and includes a No Man’s Land loaded with auto turrets.

Finally, Stadium is a close quarters map with plenty of places to run around and hide in.

There don’t appear to be any details about the new zombie map, at least not yet.

The developers say the pack is coming to the Xbox 360 first, but don’t get into when or if the pack will be hitting the PC and PlayStation 3.


  • Chasm is a terrible idea. I don’t know if anybody remembers Rundown from MW2 but that had 3 bridges and it was a terrible map. People couldn’t cross the map.

  • The zipline is also a rubbish idea. It’ll be like the handgliders in Far Cry 2. Everybody wanted to use them, but got picked off the second they even thought of touching them.

    • I reckon if they make the movement speed on them quick enough it will be worth the risk.. its already hard to hit a sprinter moving sideways, im assuming these things will make you move in a diagonal direction, which makes it even harder to hit someone!

  • Will not be purchasing when it comes out a month later on PS3. I’m still appalled at how bad Black Ops is, as are many, many people on the COD forums.

  • What idiot would buy this for over $20 on the PSN for four maps. I guess veryone seems to be happy with buying another Call of Duty 4 clone every year so why would Activision start giving people value for money?

    • At least they’re new maps this time, unlike the MW2 map packs which were charging the same price but half the maps in them were just copied and pasted from COD4.

  • More sniper opportunities?!?!?!?

    Snipers don’t make gameplay fun! Sure, they are a weapon that’s used in the battlefield, but I’d like a game with no long-range one-hit-kill weapons.

  • I’m sick of buying map packs for games. Since my friends don’t generally buy them (and I’d say the majority of players don’t) you never really get to play them.

    I bought the noble map pack for Reach and I haven’t had a DLC map come up in matchmaking once! Sure I can play them in the DLC playlist, but then it turns into a DLC map grind.

    I’m not sure what the solution for developers is… but the multiplayer disc that came with Halo 3: ODST was good as it meant that maps could be rolled into regular matchmaking.

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