A Pac-Man Reality TV Show Is In The Works

I know. The title of this post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Pac-Man is a fictional character. He is also not a proper human being - so how the hell can anyone create a reality TV show based on Pac-Man? Well, Merv Griffin Entertainment thinks they can and has teamed up with Namco Bandai in an attempt to create one.

Supposedly it's going to be some kind of 'Wipeout' style show. Sadly that's not wipEout, that's just your regular old Wipeout, the show that has contestants running around mad mazes, and getting smashed into pools of water for our 'entertainment'.

But still - how this whole operation is going to work on a pragmatic level completely escapes us. Will contestants have to dress up as Pacman?

Or will they dress up as the ghosts...

Please don't let this happen...

Or this...

Pac-Man Reality Series In The Works [Deadline]


    I would have called that a game show rather than a reality show.

    Kong-style tournaments on arcade machines?

    Instead of a Pac-Man only game show they should make a game show with contestants completing challengers based on all those old games (pac-man, space invaders, tetris etc). Would be a lot more interesting.

    Wakka wakka wakka.

    This sounds appropriately bizarre. Awesome.

    Second pic is the yip yips from sesame street.....also i was hoping this show would involve someone eating ecstasy, seeing ghosts and trying to eat them....apparently not

      Maybe they'll take a leaf from Big Brother's book and we'll get to see one of the ghosts "turkey slap" Ms Pacman. Classy.

    There's a japanese version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-35BFGtPzk

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