A Surprise Batman-Joker Team-Up, But Is It Official?

This is either a new, possibly leaked trailer for Batman Arkham City. Or is this just a fan mod of the first game? Either way, who needs Robin, when the Joker can help Batman beat up the bad guys?

This video popped up on French gaming site Jeux Video. We're left to wonder whether this is a hint of how the game's co-op will work, or if it's merely a scene of some computer-controlled Joker assistance provided to the playable Dark Knight.

We're checking with the Arkham City's publisher to find out if this video is real or just a wonderful fan-made dream team-up.

Batman: Arkham City will be out this fall for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It's a sequel to the 2009's critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. Both games come from Rocksteady Studios.

Batman : Arkham City - Warner Bros - Trailer Fight [Jeux Video via Twitter]


    Nah its obviously fan made if u play the challenge modes he says the exact line "nicely done bats you deserve a prize" also as if Joker and batman would do team attacks lol this isnt MVC.

    Yeah, all the character models and dialogue is straight out of the first game and the level that is on is called Crime Alley, a challenge mode level that came with the collectors edition of the game and GOTY edition.


    The map is 'Crime Alley' from AA, as are the moves and models.
    PC version, chopped up and put together in a new way.

    Yeah it's fake, but a great proof of concept for co-op challenge mode.

    Well if it is fan-made, that just makes it more incredible to me. Looked fantastic

    So, how were the co-op moves done? I don't remember seeing any in Arkham Asylum?

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