Alan Wake Creators Reviving Death Rally On Your iPhone, iPad

What's next for the developer behind Max Payne and Xbox 360 mystery Alan Wake? An iPhone and iPad version of their 1996 vehicular combat game Death Rally, coming in March.

Remedy Entertainment will resurrect Death Rally one more time (a freeware Windows port was released in 2009) with a little help, it seems, from co-developers Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Brothers. Remedy labels the updated Death Rally as an iOS "exclusive", so don't expect this to hit other platforms any time soon.


    Holy s**t yes! I love this game, I was actually playing the port the other week! Reminds me of my pentium 75!


    Ahhh why no X360 and PS3 HD versions?
    I know the controls will suck as racing games on ipod/iphone always do.
    There are only a few exceptions such as Reckless Racing that have better controls that work quite well.

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