An FPS-Style Ammo Counter, In Real Life

Playing shooters, I've often wondered if the persistent knowledge of exactly how many rounds you have left delivers a tactical advantage you can't have in real life. This invention delivers a video-game advantage to the battlefield.

This device - fixed to an automatic weapon, no less - counts the rounds remaining in the magazine. It's hard to tell if it's getting it right all the time, but there's a burst at about the 1:00 mark that the humans incorrectly identify as four rounds, but the gizmo correctly ticks off five.

The maker, MichaelCiuffo on YouTube, says he's taking orders.

Now if they can only invent something that instantaneously fills your partially spent clip with exactly the amount necessary for a full clip when you reload. Preferably by hitting X.

Bullet Counter Official Test [YouTube, thanks Dean]


    Why this is only being invented now is beyond me.

    When they invent see-through-wall hacks and aimbot headshotting IRL, thats when ppl will stop playing War because of all the cheats. ;)

      +1 lol

    I've always been of the belief that in all FPS games, there is a monkey following behind you at all times who picks up your discarded half empty clips and refills them for you. He also carries all your weapons and has a hand on your elbow to adjust your aim onto your targets.

      Monkey? More like an orphan in scraggly soot-covered clothing.

      I've always noticed this as well, like the way you can drop a half full clip, yet you don't lose that ammo and every time you reload, the clip is full...

      Though I guess having to consolidate your ammo manually would be some pretty boring gameplay mechanics...

        Perhaps you've never played Action quake?

    It needs to flash, "Reload" when it's down to 0. Or use a 3D display so that when you've got less than 10 bullets left, a 3D HUD pops up and says reload.

    It existed in 1986, granted, as a PROP, but this guy didn't think of it from scratch.

    Aliens (1986) Pulse Rifle
    Working Gun
    (Slow motion firing)


    Because if you use firing discipline you count while you shoot, and you can generally feel how heavy a mag is.

    There's no need

      FBI research has shown that it is almost impossible to keep track of how much ammo you have used in the middle of a fire fight, and recommends that you dump the mag in your weapon and reload at the first available opportunity. A simpler option used by some modern weapons is to use clear plastic magazines, then you can see how much ammo you have left at a glance.

    Just so you know, It's a magazine, not a clip, clips are strips of metal used to hold rounds together, mags are casings that enclose the cartridges. *the more you know*

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