An iPad Game Played While Wearing A Fake Horse's Head, Of Course

Hall of fame video game create Jeff Minter doesn't make bland games. They're a festival of old-school graphics and techno music. And he demonstrates his latest, Minotaur Rescue, while wearing a minotaur mask.

This one's $1.19. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks like classic Minter. Since Tempest back in the days, his games have had a great style. Many games are not fun to watch being played. This one is. The Minotaur head helps.

Jeff Minter of Llamasoft playing Minotaur Rescue (iOS game) [YouTube via Touch Arcade]


    Don't you mean 'a fake bull's head'?

    If Minter makes his games compatible with that mini $99 arcade cade for the ipad, I'm buying an ipad, and all of his games and the little arcade thingo.

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